Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Pandemic Projects: Finally some ECW progress!

Unlike most people, I have been very unproductive during the COVID 19 pandemic.  I use games and events to motivate myself, and since none have been happening, I have found myself lacking in motivation. It also doesn't help that I have very little unfinished from Most of my projects,  ECW and Napoleonic being the outliers.

about 2 weeks ago, I was really eager to paint but I didn't have much left of my ImagiNations, and I was not really feeling up to painting AWI.  I remembered that I have a pretty decent pile of Plastic Warlord ECW figures kicking around, and decided that I would at least pull them out and  take a look.  A day later I had decided on a new basing(and only slightly different) for the Infantry and I had primed Lord Say and Sele's regiment and begin painting.  I also decided that i would like to use Beneath the Lilly Banners 3rd ed to play my Civil war games.  Although the rules are meant for 1670-1720ish, I use them with one or 2 house rules for my Imaginations. The rules have everything I think you would need to play games 30 years earlier as well.

Before this, I had the Cuirassier unit, Lord Brooke's regiment(in purple) the Saker, and  Lord Essex character figures painted, as well as 2/3rds of  the Dragoons.  In the last 2 weeks, I have painted 4 Dragoons, all of Lord Saye and Sele's regiment(40 figures) and the 12 figure unit of cavalry(Essex's horse regiment, also frequently called Sir Philip Stapleton's regiment.

All the ECW figures I currently have painted.

40 figures of Lord Brooke's Regiment

40 figures of Lord Saye & Sele's Regiment of foot.

Lord Essex's or Sir Philip Stapleton's Regiment

Sir William Balfour's Lifeguard Regiment


Sir Henry Fairfax, Saker with master gunner,
and Lord Essex

the regiment split us as I intend to field them
in BtLB3

Lord brooks is based on 40x40mm bases, 4 figures to a base.  I decided to change to 45x60mm bases for the musketeers, 6 to a base, and 45x80mm bases for the pike and command, 8 to a base.  this works out far better if I decide to use a system that doesn't require huge units(which I am), so I can put 2 bases of 6 musketeers together with a base of 8 pike and have a standard 3 base unit in Beneath the Lilly Banners 3rd ed. i had the bases sitting around from all the Perry napoleonics. they use 60x45mm for cavalry, and 40x45 for infantry. I glue 2 40x45mm together to get the 40x85mm, and reinforce it with strategic figure placement and the magnetic sheeting i use for storage on the bottom. they come out surprisingly sturdy.

The cavalry basing stays exactly the same, except each unit of 12 becomes 2 squadrons of 6 figures in BtLB3.

I have enough figures to make 2 more units of 12 cavalry, 2 more units of 40 infantry, and enough firelock storm Party figures to make 5 stands of 6.  that will double what is painted right now.  When using Beneath the Lilly Banners 3rd ed, that all doubles to 8 pike and shotte infantry  units, and 10 cavalry units.  Plus I have a unit of 12 dismounted dragoons waiting to be based. 

Monday, December 30, 2019

28mm Napoleonic Prussians

about 3 years ago I painted a Napoleonic Prussian brigade to act as the flanking force in a Battle of Kulm scenario I put on at MayDay, the Local convention.

I had wanted to make the 8nd Brigade, under the General-major von Hunerbein(at Leipzig), but I goofed.  I put the flags for the 1st east Prussian line regiment on the regular infantry instead of the 8th Prussian regimental standards.  I'll have to make sure I fixed that when I eventually paint the 2nd Brigade(under Prinz Karl of Mecklenburg-Strelitz). Both were part of the 1st Army Corps during the battle of Leipzig)

The 8th brigade is supposed to contain the 8th Line regiment(1st Brandenburg), the 12th Reserve regiment , the 14th Silesian Landwehr regiment, XV foot battery, 2 squadrons of Brandenburg hussars and the 2 squadrons of the 3rd Silesian Landwehr Cavalry.

the (mostly) 8th Brigade, under General Major von Hunerbein

(Left) Bandenburg Hussars, (Right) 3rd Silesian Landwehr
Cavalry, (front) XV foot Battery

1st East Prussian Infantry regiment, with Fusilier battalion
leading the way

12th Reserve Infantry regiment

14th Silesian Landwehr Regiment
Prussians and Russian Guard engaging the French right flank

The French right flank routs
All the Prussian Miniature are Perry except the Landwehr which are 1st generation Warlord.
I have all the infantry I need for the 2nd Brigade from the 1st corps at Leipzig. I have 1 unit of 8 hussars but I'll need a second unit of 8 and another 2 guns for the foot battery. I also have a unit of volunteer jagers for each brigade to finish.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

WW2: Early(ish) Soviets

So here is the last of the WW2 armies that I currently own.  I've had most of these soviets for about a decade now. most have been painted for that time.   They are mostly Crusader soviets, along with some TAG and some Black tree mixed in. The Engineer flamethrower team, 50mm mortar and a few random gun crew are Bolt Action/Warlord.

I've re-arranged the platoon into 15 man squads for 1939 to fight my Japanese  on the Mongolian border. along with 2 extra models to bring teh squads up to 15, I've added the BT-7s, 45mm AT gun, 50mm Mortar, and  engineer 2 man flamer team.


AGNM BT-7s from a different Angle

Full Platoon and support shot.

Infantry Squads

Platoon Command and Support

I really want to pick up a platoon each of Rubicon T26s and BA-10s. other then that, I have more then enough Infantry support teams.  so the infantry Component is definitely done.

In  the future, once I have money again,  I am considering doing a USMC Parachute battalion. These are a really poorly represented group in miniature gaming, and they have some very unique gear.  I'd be using Brigade games USMC raiders as they have a pack or two with the right weapons and the raider style uniform is the closest to the USMC Parachute battalions.  The 1st parachute battalion was with present with the 1st Marine Raider battalion at the battle for 'Edson's ridge". they also fought earlier on Guadal Canal, and at Bougainville.  The 3 parachute battalions were disbanded, having never made a combat jump,  and later formed to the core of the newly raised 5th Marine Division.  Many were awarded medals for the fighting at Iwo Jima, and 2 of the former "paramarines" were in the famous picture raising the US flag at Iwo Jima.  I like obscure topics, and this little-known USMC formation fits the bill perfectly.

Friday, December 6, 2019

More World War 2: Japanese type A reinforced Platoon

I like doing less well known periods of ww2. When I started my early war french project over a decade ago, it wasn't really something everyone though of in miniature gaming.  It only really got big when bolt action started releasing early war armies.

I originally had some Soviets too. although they very much fell by the wayside as i got caught up in the throws of my 1940s french and Germans.  they were always the third army I had, but never really got a lot of love.

when my France 1940 project was near a close I jumped into my ww2 box and found most of a TAG Japanese platoon I've had since The Assault Group miniatures stopped being distributed and went direct sale only. I had totally forgotten I had these. I decided I would paint them up and reorganize my soviets for 1939.

Warlord/Italieri type 97 Chi-ha platoon.

The Assault Group Infantry Platoon, Type A

Support teams. the mmg is TAG, the other 3 are Brigade games
with Additional TAG crew

Squad Close up

Platoon command, snipers, Grenade Discharger Squad, and a Forward Observer at the back.

This platoon is not quite complete.  I need some engineers, and I need 6 more infantry to complete the 15 man strong sections for the  type A platoon.  the main infantry element at the battle of Kalkhin Gol was a reinforced "type A" division, which had more manpower and more equipment. I also have 3 Company B Type 89Bs that are next on the block after I finish my BT-7s(only a little weathering left to go)

I really want to add some type-95s and type 92 Jyu-sokosha or 2, and a type 97 Te ke tankette. you know, all the really obscure stuff lol.

Incidentally if anyone wants to trade 6 TAG infantry with Rifles(or the above mentioned tanks), I have a whole host of extra miniatures.  I have  4 or 5 officers, 7 LMGs(4 prone), 2 snipers, and 4 infantry with knee mortars.  I think I also have 4x 4-figure 81mm mortar teams advancing. All TAG miniatures.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

World War 2 Germans For Chain of command.

So here are my  Early war Germans. These have been recently touched up. I also added 1 Pz III, 1 Pz IV, and 3 Sdkfz 222s in April early this year.  everything i had prior to that but i repainted it to match the new scheme.

the infantry is oddly set up. I have 2 squads each of Schutzen and regular infantry.  This is due to the game I put on at last may's Mayday Convention in Edmonton.  I had multiple platoons of infantry, but to reduce the work new players had to do  i reduced the platoons to 2 squads instead of 3.  i already had 4 squads of Germans, and enough extra MG34s and loaders to make half my squads  Schutzen, so i did so.  i also had enough figures to make 2 full German platoon HQs and enough support options to reinforce 2 platoons.  I had intended afterwards to  buy 2 additional squads to fill out the platoons after the game, but i was laid off just before the convention.

the only difference between schutzen and regular infantry is the colour of the shoulder straps.  Schutzen were black piped green, and regular infantry were black piped white.  I know some companies sell schutzen in smocks, but only usually only the SS schutzen were equipped with them during the battle of France.  As such you can barely tell the difference other then the extra MG34.

the Germans.  Mostly Crusader, but there are some Black
Tree designs and Pre-Warlord Bold Action miniatures mixed in.

Left two squads are Schutzen, Right two are Regular Infantry

2 Platoon commands complete with 50mm mortar.  addtional support Teams
ignore the Pack 38. Its left over from when i used to use these for 1941-42

My German vehicle collection. Everything is AGNM,
except the Neubauferzeug VI, which is JTFM.

Left to right, front to back: 3 Sdkfz 222s, Pz II,
Neubaufehrzeug VI, Pz. IV,  STuG III, Panzerjager I

Left to right, front to back:  3 Pz 38Ts, 1 Pz. I, 3 Pz. IIIs

 That is my collection so far. I'd like to bump both platoons up to a full 3 squads, and I'd like to add a squad of pioneers. Past that I don't have much in mind.

Monday, December 2, 2019

WW2 French for Chain of Command

I've had World War 2 French in 28mm for about 10 years now.  but about a year ago i decided to start playing Chain of command a little more regularly.  Last February i decided to put on a Big Chain of Command game at Mayday on the first weekend in May.

I decided I wanted to do 2 platoons of infantry and 2 platoons of armour for the game.  I put in a big order to Army Group North Miniatures to complete several platoons for both Germany and France. I also ordered a platoon of  Dragons Portes miniatures from Crusader miniatures/Northstar.  I painted these up as Chasseurs Portes, the infantry component of the Cuirassier heavy tank divisions. some of these infantry units had blue pants instead of the typically drab pants of other french infantry formations. they also give a decent counterpart to German schutzen, being similar formations themselves.

French Chasseurs Portes platoon.

Chasseurs Portes Infantry
 The Chasseurs Portes are really neat formations. they are basically the french version of Panzer Grenadiers.  2 teams of 5, each with a FM 24/29 LMG.   a section leader and a rifle grenadier complete the Section, although the rifle grenadier was often attached to the platoon HQ to form a rifle grenadier section. . The platoon is supported by a 60mm Brandt mortar, a Hotchkiss MMG team, a Canon de 47mm L53 AT gun and a Canon de 25mm L72 AT gun. there is also a 5 man motorcycle section I made with extra figures.

Chasseurs Portes platoon command and Support teams.
Reinforced French Infantry Platoon
French Infantry Squads
French Infantry Platoon command and Support teams
 The regular french Infantry platoon is 3 sections, each with a rifle grenadier and a FM24/29 LMG. As with the Chasseurs Portes the rifle grenadier was often attached to the platoon HQ to form a rifle grenadier section.  The platoon is supported by a 4th infantry section, 60mm Brandt mortar, Hotchkiss MMG, Canon de 25mm L72 AT gun, and a Canon de 75mm M1897.  I also have 2 81mm mortars left over from when I played disposable heroes. 

I often play this platoon as motorized infantry in Chain of Command, as the platoon structure is identical.  They just get a few more support options.

French Armour.

Left to right, Front to back:  MadBob FCM 36, JTFM R-39,
3x AGNM Somua S35s

Left to Right, Front to Back:  AMR-35 ZT1/2, 3x Hotchkiss 39s,
Somua S-35, 3x Panhard 178.  All AGNM
 All the Infantry are Crusader Miniatures.  All but 2 tanks are Army Group North Miniatures. I would love to add a trio of Char D2s but no one makes a model of one, and any of the 3D models i've seen on Shapeways are way too expensive($120 USD??).  the Char D2 was the tank that Charles De Gaulle's unit was equipped with when Germany invaded.  they were replaced by Char B1s later on, but  i would have though someone would have done a model of them. Warlord makes a Char D1 but they weren't even in service with the regular army in 1939. they were pulled out of  mothballs and set to the front lines in the later stages of the Battle of France.

This army is essentially done.  I have 6 AGNM Laffly S-20s(that I 3D Sculpted), but I've yet to paint them up. they will most likely get used as jump off points for my Chasseurs Portes.

Finally, the buildings in the background of all the pictures are Sarissa buildings.  I painted them up quickly for the  Big CoC game I ran.  I still have to weather them properly.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

New Project: AWI for Sharp Practice

Sometime back in September i started painting up the American War of Independence miniatures I have had sitting around since just before I left Ontario. I used them as a test bed for using GW contrast paints.

generally speaking, I really like the contrast paints. I wish their coverage was a little more universal across the line though. some are go on way to heavily, and do almost no shading. and some are way too week. weak enough you might as well just use a army painter wash.

That said, the Black Templar(Black), Dark angels Red, Apothecary White and Skeletal Horde(off white/light tan). Dark angles red is perfect for black powder era British red coats. i use 3 parts Talasar Blue to 1 part Ultramarine Blue for Napoleonic french/AWI American coats.  for green coated troops I'll be using 1 part Dark Angels Green to 1 part Ork Flesh. and for brown coats I'll be using 1 part Snakebite leather to 1 part Cygor brown. These mixes tend to give me a colour I like, with the right tone and amount of coverage(shading and highlighting) I'm looking for. they go on in basically one coat and save me a lot of time.
Fife and Drum British artillery, Perry everything else.

New york VOlunteers(3rd American Rgt.), Perry Plastics

British 62nd Regiment of Foot.  Perry metal minis

(left) Maryland Continental Infantry
(right) Pennsylvania Continental Infantry

(back) Perry Ammo cart and Fife and Drum 6Ib Cannon,
(Front left) Perry Amusette team
(Front Right) Pennsylvania light infantry
(middle)Deployment points, (Front)moveable deployment
points, and (back) Mule train

I made some Deployment points out of some Wizkids Deep Cuts barrels and crates.  i added in some TAG muskets and swords, some buckets from the Fife and Drum artillery accessories, a a few extra hats from the Perry plastic boxes. the mules are also from the Wizkids Deep Cuts RPG minis line. there are some fantastic little bits of scatter and scenery. I used some casualties from the AWI British plastic box to make the moveable deployment points.

I'm particularly proud of the Continental light infantry Amusette team I kitbashed.  This is actually one of the Perry Jager Amusettes. I cut off the tricornes and affixed some spare Continental light infantry caps in their place. I wanted an american amusette because i know that the Virginia state Armoury and nearby Rappahanock Forge made amusettes for the American army. in fact 6 still exist in collection in the US to this day. but absolutely no one makes a team in 28mm.

I do have more planned for the AWI project.  I have more green coated Infantry, the Kings Carolina Rangers, to paint.  I also have 16 more Continental infantry in light caps.  I also have 2 Fife and drum Limbers for the 6Ib cannons and a pair of Fife and Drum 3Ib grasshopper guns and limbers. i also have enough figures left to make another unit of American infantry, something in brown coats. I'm doing the green and brown coats for a splash of colour.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Finished Imagination Army: the Electorate of Lustigzollern-Großgesaß

 About 2 years ago I started playing Beneath the Lilly Banners. I put on a bit game at the Mayday convention(in... May).  For the game i added larger cannons to my existing 2 3Iber crusader teams, as well as finishing off the line infantry. I also painted the full regiment of Osterhaagen Dragoons.

Map of the Electorate

Earlier this year I also finished off  2 Converged grenadier battalions, 2 more 3Ib cannon teams 6 pandours and 8 jagers.

Electorate Artillery Park.  4 3Ib cannons and Crew by Crusader,
2 6Ib cannons, Crew, and carts/limbers by Front Rank

24 Köztársaság Pandours by Crusader, 6 Mounted Pandours from
Front Rank, and 8 Perry Hessian Jagers.

2 Battalions each of Traugott Regiment(left) and Fenstermacher
Regiment(Right). Front Rank figures.  1 Crusader Converged
grenadier battalion at the back

Kurfurst(left) and Kurprinz(right) Regiments by Crusader miniatures.
Converged Grenadier Battalion in the rear, also Crusader)

Metzger Cuirassier(left) by Crusader. 
Osterhaagen Dragoons(right) by Front Rank
 At this point, I may reorganize the cavalry command figures into a command stand stand for each regiment, and I need to purchase a a pair of limbers to finish off the artillery.  I also have some Allied troops  for the Aquilonian Army(small nation to the East of the Electorate) using Eureka Arquebusier de Grassin.