Thursday, July 15, 2010

Historicon & goodies

Well I had an excellent Historicon.  The venue was much better this year, and I could actually find games. I sold a bunch of terrain and funded my purchases, which included more Conquest miniatures and Crusader WW2 Russians, and a few small terrain pieces from Architects of War and Acheson Designs. As usual, i took a camera and totally forgot to use it.

This morning I painted about half my new Conquest Indians, along with the newer "combat ready" version of Magua. I tried a new technique for Native American Skin.  I don't really like some of the overly dark or overly red Native skin tones often used.  To me, they just seem wrong. I think this scheme strikes the balance of different, but not extreme in it's difference from my regular Caucasian skin tone. I went back and touched up the skin on a few of my older perry Natives to match.  I'll spend some time in a few weeks doing a major update. in the meantime, I plan on  finishing the other half of the new ones tonight, and basing the whole lot tomorrow.

The conquest natives are superb. They are very easy to paint, and their physique jump out when a simple wash is applied. I especially like the new Magua figure.  it's just spectacular. They blend very well with the small band of perry AWI natives I already have. I've show some comparison of similarly posed miniatures. I'm using new GF9 magnetic bases(also bought at Historicon), which are thinner so I've placed them on pennies, which level out the bases.  The unfinished bases are the Conquest ones and the finished bases are my Perry natives with updated skin tone.

Conquest 'Magua' and Perry 'Redcoat', and 2 kneeling firing bow poses.

2 natives with bow at the ready, and 2 standing firing

Starting next week I'll paint up my last18 more Conquest Compagnies Franches de la Marine to finish off my french. I'm also going to paint up some of the terrain I bought. I'm looking forward to the Architects of War Roast pig on a spit, and the Well.


  1. Beautiful Indians. You lot are so lucky to have large, well attended conventions - I get very jealous, reading about Historicon.

  2. I like the new skin tone.

    As a side note, did you notice the new Crusader Russians advertised on TMP today?