Saturday, March 19, 2011

More Asarya painted.

I started the first group of 8 Kurfurst regiment soldiers last Sunday night.  I awoke Monday morning to find the TAG Turkish order I had been awaiting.  I hurriedly finished the group of 8 electorate soldiers and then quickly started cleaning and preparing the Turkish.

8 soldiers of the Kurfurst regiment,
with flesh coloured mustaches(since rectified)
Tuesday and Wednesday I spent cleaning out the back room in the basement in preparation for delivery of a new smaller Deep freezer. I also had to rip down a crappy unfinished shelf that has been there since we moved in. Thursday Thursday  I spent several Hour painting the 2nd unit of 8 Sipahi for my army.  I plan to have 3, but I need to grab another pack of  Sipahi with swords to complete the final unit of 8.
Timarli Sipahi Lancers, Lead by Azim bin Abboud

Friday I  spent most of the morning dealing with the freezer delivery and assembling several cabinets to fill the newly freed up space.  in the afternoon I painted most of the new Turkish command I got(for the 2nd battalion of Janissaries) and the Regimental Kazan.  The Kazan is essentially a ceremonial soup pot carried into battle.  it became a rally point on the battlefield for the Janissary regiments. After that I also painted the Turkish cannon i bought. unlike the Electorate's Kurfurst regiment, which has 2 battalion guns, my Turkish army has a single field piece(in the Turkish army, in any other army it would have been a siege piece)

The regimental Kazan, Command of the 1st Battalion
of Janissaries, and the Turkish Field gun
The Turkish Field Piece compared to an Austrian  3lb Battalion gun
 And that's all for now. I plan to finish the Turkish i have before continuing the Electorate army, since the Turkish are further along.  As it stands, I have more 8 Janissaries, as well as 24 Tufekcis Skirmishers.