Monday, May 9, 2011

Quick Update: More Progress on the Spanish Church

Just a quick update.

Yesterday I worked on the Graveyard around the back, and also started adding some of the finer details(window sills etc)

Unlike Gary Chalks, I made the Graveyard a little bigger, and instead of topping the wall with balsa stripes I used some 1/72nd Spanish tile roofing to make it look a little more "Spanish" instead of Carribean(which Gary Chalk's was designed for).  Like Mr Chalk's church, I made the graveyard raised, using 1" insulation foam. this makes it an excellent vantage point to defend from.  Totally by accident, the area between the wall and church on the tower-side of the church is also big enough to fit 50mmx50mm bases, which is a Fairly common basing scheme in my area for large Napoleonic collections.

Main Cemetery entry way with arch
defended by Electorate Fusiliers

Secondary cemetery entrance,
also defended by Electorate fusiliers.

I was thinking of putting Spanish tile(same as the main roof) on the transition from the tower main section to the 2nd level when i built it i think i made it the 2nd level a little too small, and now the "ridge" is too large.  Thoughts? opinions?

I'll probably be spending the rest of the day assembling the new desk(which is an early birthday present). I also have a few other items I have to finish this week so it might be a few days before i get back to this project.


  1. I think the church looks great just the way it is. It will make a great central piece and that graveyards worth fighting over.


  2. It looks great as is, in my humble opinion, but I like the idea of the tiled roof extending to the tower, it would add a little colour to the tower and break it up a little.