Sunday, June 5, 2011

French Reinforcements

Well the AGNM Char-B1 Bis took a little longer then expected, but the result is pretty good looking. I also finished up my Panhard 178 Armoured car.  I haven't finished the AMR-35, but i have not decided how to paint it yet.

Finished Panhard AC and Char B1 with Crusader  Sgt

The camo on the Char B1 is similar to the scheme i did on the R-39s, although i think it turned out better.  I may go back and touch up the R-39 platoon using the same techniques.

Now all i have left from the trip down to AGNM last week is the T-28 and the AMR-35. Hopefully I'll get to htem this week

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  1. Excellent camo job resulting in some superb looking tanks!