Thursday, June 20, 2013

the First Russians

I finished basing these russians Yesterday.

the first unit is the 1st battalion of the Smolensk regiment.

1st Battalion of the Smolensk Regiment,
12th Div., 7th Corps, 2nd Army of the West

these are warlord Plastic Russians with Perry Plastic command. The warlord starter armies only come with one set of Pavlov command. I had gotten the perry command for my birthday.  My dad got an email confirming that he wanted 22 Russian command sprues. they thought there had been a mistake.

these figures have gaiters which is not historical(for the later period these are for, 1810+. earlier they wore full boots, still no gaiters).  I painted them white so they are hard to see, but if you look at warlord pictures, tehy actually paint them black.

now you might note that the Foundry skirmishers below also have gaiters, and I painted them.  first, the foundry figures around 20 years old.  A lot of stuff that is proliferated on the internet wasn't in the mid 90s. Where as 2 years ago when the warlord stuff was released it was easy to find. The gaiters on the foundry figures were distinct enough that painting them white wasn't an option.  plus being Jagers, they already have a great deal of black, which further simplifies painting.  lastly, I'm willing to tolerate the  Gaiters on these figures because perry doesn't make Jagers skirmishing in fatigue caps(only in shakos), and I like to differentiate my Jagers  by using figures with fatigue caps. My units of Jagers in line will be  perry with fatigue caps)

Elements of the 5th, 6th, and 42nd Russian Jagers Skirmishing

I'll be Taking a bit of a break from Russians to paint a battalion of french in greatcoats, and a battery of artillery in great coats. I'll be sure to post them when they are done(hopefully by Monday)


  1. Nicely done. Can you share your painting guide for these? I have a bunch of jagers to paint and am not sure where to begin.

  2. Très belles figurines, vivement les suivantes. A bientôt Christian