Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Pandemic Projects: Finally some ECW progress!

Unlike most people, I have been very unproductive during the COVID 19 pandemic.  I use games and events to motivate myself, and since none have been happening, I have found myself lacking in motivation. It also doesn't help that I have very little unfinished from Most of my projects,  ECW and Napoleonic being the outliers.

about 2 weeks ago, I was really eager to paint but I didn't have much left of my ImagiNations, and I was not really feeling up to painting AWI.  I remembered that I have a pretty decent pile of Plastic Warlord ECW figures kicking around, and decided that I would at least pull them out and  take a look.  A day later I had decided on a new basing(and only slightly different) for the Infantry and I had primed Lord Say and Sele's regiment and begin painting.  I also decided that i would like to use Beneath the Lilly Banners 3rd ed to play my Civil war games.  Although the rules are meant for 1670-1720ish, I use them with one or 2 house rules for my Imaginations. The rules have everything I think you would need to play games 30 years earlier as well.

Before this, I had the Cuirassier unit, Lord Brooke's regiment(in purple) the Saker, and  Lord Essex character figures painted, as well as 2/3rds of  the Dragoons.  In the last 2 weeks, I have painted 4 Dragoons, all of Lord Saye and Sele's regiment(40 figures) and the 12 figure unit of cavalry(Essex's horse regiment, also frequently called Sir Philip Stapleton's regiment.

All the ECW figures I currently have painted.

40 figures of Lord Brooke's Regiment

40 figures of Lord Saye & Sele's Regiment of foot.

Lord Essex's or Sir Philip Stapleton's Regiment

Sir William Balfour's Lifeguard Regiment


Sir Henry Fairfax, Saker with master gunner,
and Lord Essex

the regiment split us as I intend to field them
in BtLB3

Lord brooks is based on 40x40mm bases, 4 figures to a base.  I decided to change to 45x60mm bases for the musketeers, 6 to a base, and 45x80mm bases for the pike and command, 8 to a base.  this works out far better if I decide to use a system that doesn't require huge units(which I am), so I can put 2 bases of 6 musketeers together with a base of 8 pike and have a standard 3 base unit in Beneath the Lilly Banners 3rd ed. i had the bases sitting around from all the Perry napoleonics. they use 60x45mm for cavalry, and 40x45 for infantry. I glue 2 40x45mm together to get the 40x85mm, and reinforce it with strategic figure placement and the magnetic sheeting i use for storage on the bottom. they come out surprisingly sturdy.

The cavalry basing stays exactly the same, except each unit of 12 becomes 2 squadrons of 6 figures in BtLB3.

I have enough figures to make 2 more units of 12 cavalry, 2 more units of 40 infantry, and enough firelock storm Party figures to make 5 stands of 6.  that will double what is painted right now.  When using Beneath the Lilly Banners 3rd ed, that all doubles to 8 pike and shotte infantry  units, and 10 cavalry units.  Plus I have a unit of 12 dismounted dragoons waiting to be based. 


  1. They turned out really well - I especially like the cavalry. Nice work!

  2. Great looking figures and whole units!

  3. Superb paint jobs on those units 👍. I especially like the lobsters.

  4. Great work! I agree on the lobsters- they great look great.

  5. Great work on your ECW project! Love the look of your BIG units. Your 40 figure Foote regiments make my 27 figure Foote regiments look anemic.