Tuesday, December 7, 2010

AGNM Hotchkiss H-39 platoon

Sunday when i got to MIGS,  Dave Hoyt had 3 H-39 tanks  for me.  He had picked them up for me while having lunch with the owner of AGNM(to save me the cost of shipping).   I was very happy!  these are beautiful models. the detail and quality of these is even higher then I have come to expect from AGNM vehicles.
Hotchkiss 39 platoon from AGNM

The model comes in 4 pieces: Hull, turret, gun, and Muffler. the only piece that requited any cleaning was the muffler, and even then it was very little.  there was a 5th piece, but after a conversation with  Vince at AGNM, it turns out that it probably isn't for this kit.   I have to say that i enjoyed painting these. It took a bit longer to paint then normal, but I think it paid off. The black lining of the colours really makes them pop.


  1. That's a great looking platoon, Stephen! I do like those AGNM models!

  2. Very nice paintjob and good models,I used to have a few bits from that company myself.

  3. Excellent looking H-39's. I am getting one and am interested in what colours you used in your paint scheme.

  4. scullmeister: the colours are

    Tan: Delta Ceramcoat Camel
    Green: GW foundation Orkhide shade highlighted with a mix of the above and GWE foundation Knarloc green
    Brown: could be either Caltan brown or a similar delta ceramcoat colour(bottle is old and label is worn off)

    after that i lightly drybrush everything with a mix of white and Camel(GW effectively bleached bone) and finally for eh mud on the side a mix the medium/caltan brown with a bit of Camel and drybrush up to straight camel, and then the white/camo mix.