Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Built up areas for Kulm

So yesterday I put the finishing touches on 2 extra built up areas for my Battle of Kulm.  building

Grand Manner Building seen previously, now based.

One is a you might have already scene, just on a base like the rest of my buildings.  the second is my friend Dan's building(from foreground), but i needed a fifth built up area so I borrowed his building  and based it up as well.

closer shot from a different angle, with Perry Russian officer.
Each picture also features a newly painted Russian officer for the game.  the first is a perry Russian officer. the perry mounted officers are splendid figures all around. i just wish there were more then 3.

4ground building, courtesy of Dan.
 the officer pictured with Dan's building is Front Rank's  iteration of Barclay de Tolly. this is a figure I've had for several years, and one of my favorite officers. he looks so polite. I repainted him recently since he was repainted before i learned a lot of my current techniques.

4ground building Close up, with
Front Rank Barclay de Tolly Figure
 I was really impressed by the quality of the 4ground building. the pictures on line really don't do them justice. The roof needs a touch up or 2 where it joins the house(not done yet) but other then  that they are excellent quality.

Still more to come before i leave for HotLead. Stay tuned!

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