Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Wading into Rivers Pt 2

Today I continued my river project buy painting the sand and then painting the river. the process is so far on track, and i am pleased with the results.

River banks have been painted and dry brushed

after the river has been painted.

the river consists of 16 feet of river including 2  fords and a T section.   on top of that there are 2 90 degree sections, 2 45 degree section 2 30 degree small wedges and 3 larger 30 degree sections.

the next step is to apply the the gloss acrylic gel medium. with this i will add small ripples and such to give the river a final texture and gloss. after that has dried i can flock the river and pack it into a box for transportation on sunday.

the acrylic medium will take a few days to dry so I'll post again then.