Monday, November 22, 2010

French test scheme

Last Wednesday I received my Crusader French figures. anyway, last Night I played around with paint schemes and decided to go with a khaki green colour.   I think it looks good, but I might just make it a little less green on the infantry squads.

I have enough figures for 1 platoon command and 4 squads, plus the 2 support teams above(more to be added later), but I'd like to be able to field it as 2 platoons of 2 squads each as well. Dave Hoyt has graciously offered a few extra figures for the 2nd command.

I'd like to replace some of the officer figures i have with Crusader French NCOs  (Helmets and coats) since  I ended up getting mostly Officers with no trench coat and with kepi. I'm also looking for an extra pair of French riflemen and 2 VB rifle grenadiers to be able to add the optional rifle grenadier to the command squads.

If you happen to have any extra french figures that fit in well with crusader, you can email me here .  I have a few extra Crusader Germans, TAG WWII marines and Japanese, and a couple of TAG Iraqis i could trade.

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