Saturday, November 27, 2010

More french

I finalized my french colour scheme. I decided it was too green and went a little more brown-beige.   I kept the helmets a little greener then they should be to highlight the difference in colour between the coat and helmet.  it also adds a bit of needed colour.  I tend to be of the school of painting that believes in over exaggerating colour for effect, so it doesn't bother me like it might some people.
French Platoon with Hotchkiss HMG 
and 81mm Brandt Mortar

aside from what is here, i have 1 more squad and another platoon command. I also have 3 Hotchkiss H-39s that will be in my possession shortly.

Close up of Crusader French
I've also noticed that no one makes Laffly S20 trucks for the french in 1/56th(or anything close to 28mm, from what I've seen). this seems odd to me, since this is the vehicle that, according to what i have read, was used the most by French motorized infantry(Dragons) in the light Mechanized divisions(1040 were In service by May 1st 1940) . Since the truck itself has very little complex surface detail(complex patterns & shapes, wood paneling, etc etc), I've decided to try and build one from scratch and cast it. the first one will be the infantry carrier. if it works out I'll probably modify one to be the artillery tractor, and cast it as well. I'm already familiar scratch building and low-run resin casting, I'd just have to switch to a different resin(which is also cheaper and less prone to bubbles).