Thursday, October 14, 2010


WEll tommorrow I'm off to MIGSCON.   I'll be helping with set up tomorrow morning/afternoon. I'll be there all weekend.  I'm hosting 4 games this year. Friday night I'll be hosting a Sharp Practice FIW scenario involving a Colonial force attacking s small half-finished french fort.  

Saturday I'll be hosting 3 games. in ht morning, I'm running a Sharp Practice FIW scenario in which a french & Indian force attack a British settlement, hoping to capture the British generals daughter.  In the afternoon I'll be hosting yet another Sharp practice FIW scenario where teh british froces gather to counterattack the french staging area. in hte evening I'm running a Disposable Heroes modern game in which the one British platoon must rescue another british platoon from a Iraqi insurgents(and some other unnamed forces...)

I'm also taking along quite a bit of terrain to sell at the flea market.  Some of these(the buildings) were proof of concept models.  others are being completed this afternoon. if you happen to be around at the con Friday night and want something, just ask me, I'll have it all there tomorrow.

Nearly everything I plan to take and sell
(minus the hussars, they are there for scale)

Size comparison with Perry plastic Hussars
Rock outcropping close-up with BTD WW2 Soviet scouts

The rail fences are resin-cast. I got sick of building the fences from scratch. it was tedious and time consuming. these will be the first items to be made with the new resin fences.

I've also received the remainder of my WW2 stuff( 2 German squads, the rest of the recon squad, and HMG team, and a 75mm IG18) , and the remainder of my soviet stuff( 8 more infantry and the crew for my 76mm ZiS-3). I'm hoping to grab some tanks this weekend for both sides in addition.  Next week is going to be busy!

If you in southern Ontario this weekend, come out to the MIGSCON .

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