Friday, October 29, 2010

All Done for Now!

Last Saturday was a busy Day.  I managed to paint an AGNM PaK-38, a BTD Soviet M1897 75mm Feild gun,  and my remaining 8 Crusader Russian infantry on Friday.  On Saturday, I finished up a   German Squad, a German recon Squad, an MG-34 HMG team, and a  75mm IG18 Infantry Gun.

 All infantry & HMG team are Crusader, Russian field gun
is BTD,75mm IG18 is Bolt Action, PaK-38 is AGNM

Then yesterday, I painted my remaining German squad, a Soviet 76mm ZiS-3 AT gun, a 120mm soviet mortar and 4 soviet infantry in recon suits.

Germans are Crusader, 76mm gun is BTD with 
Bolt Action Crew, Mortar is Battle Honours?

and With that, i have finished a platoon for each force.  These are essentially complete now. I may add a support team here and There(especially for the Russians, as i locate sources of BTD support teams)and some tanks that i actually own for the Russians( only the T-28 is mine, everything else is loaned from friends Jon Holmes and Dave Hoyt).

My entire WW2 Eastern Front collection

 My Russian Force( T-34s Loaned by Dave Hoyt, 
Green stuff Loaned by Jon Holmes)

My German force(this one is all mine)

I will be expanding my WW2 collection in the future. I plan to do Finnish for the Continuation War, and after that perhaps a British Highlander platoon, using BEF miniatures, after that.

So now that this project  is out of the way at least in the short run, it frees up painting time for a few other things.  I think first upon the painting block is a Friends WW2 Japanese Platoon.


  1. NICE!

    That's a pretty impressive collection there, Stephen!

  2. Yeah whatever. You're finished like I'm finished. :)

  3. To be fair Dave, I did say done FOR NOW.

  4. Welcome to the Eastern Front Comrade!! Great looking minis!

  5. Can you please tell me what color grey you used on your german tanks? thanks