Wednesday, October 20, 2010

THis weekend was Migscon, and a good weekend to be selling tanks.

So last Thursday I received my Bolt Action 75mm IG-18 infantry gun, and 4 Soviet crew for my 76mm AT gun.  then that evening i got an email from Dave Hoyt that he had received our joint order of Crusader miniatures. This package contained 2 squads of Germans, plus the remaining 3 figures for my recon squad and an HMG team, and the last 8 Russians I need(1 pack each of SMGs and LMG teams)

 Tanks I painted Monday and Tuesday

Then Friday night at Migscon, I discovered Don Cameron at Five Arrows Books had a pretty good selection of Army Group North miniatures on hand.   I picked up a PaK-38 for my Germans. I didn't have a lot  more money so I had to wait until Saturday for my terrain to sell in the flea market. one of the guys helping set up the tables at the con also sold me a BTD Soviet M1897 field gun for $10.

Saturday i sold most of my terrain, and picked up an AGNM Pz Ib and  a Pz IIf, and a JFTM Pzkmpf Nbfz-1 from North Bay Hobbies. I very nearly didn't get the Nbfz-1. I was so busy setting up tearing down, and running games(3 back-to-back), that I didn't get to the North Bay Booth until he was starting to carry is boxes to the Truck! Dave also dropped my part of the Crusader order.  Dave went on to by 3 or 4 AGNM vehicles too.  

Sunday I went back to Five arrows and bought 2 Panzer IIIjs and a StuG IIIc. That was basically my weekend.

My friend Jon also bought 1 T-28 and 2 more BT-7s.  He gave me the T-28 to paint up the other 2.  So he now has 3 BT-7s, 1 T-26 twin turret, and 1 T-35.  I think between Jon, Dave and I we accounted for a significant portion of Don Cameron's AGMN sales.

So at the end of the weekend i had 9 tanks, 33 infantry and 5 support teams to paint.  Monday  night I painted the T-28. I chose to use a different scheme from Jon's tanks for easy recognition.

 AGNM T-28

 and yesterday I painted the remaining 8 tanks. I also mounted the JTFM Nbfz-1 on a base to match my AGNM tanks.

AGNM Pz IIf and Pz Ib



and this is what I have remaning on my desk:

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