Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Church time!

I finally got around to getting the church i bought at Hotlead done this past weekend. I managed to snag this OOP H.G. Walls church in the Bring & Buy for only $20!!  I decided to incorporate one of GW's old  Urethane foam Graveyards onto the church's base  I sanded down the bottom of the graveyard so that be base was not so thick, and then glued it down.  I built a simple wall on the front of the church, and i added a wooden gate at the back between the church and the graveyard wall. I then cut off a few skulls(surprisingly few for GW!) and repainted the graveyard to match the church,

H.G. Walls church along with some Electorate defenders

the Church in pieces

a close up of the graveyard
Eventually when I have more money I'll finish the inside of the church.


  1. What a bargain! The church and graveyard look really great together. Nice piece.