Monday, April 11, 2011

Laffly S-20 WIP Test render

Just a quick update on my CGI model of the Laffly S-20 truck

Last night a did about 6 hours work on the Laffly S-20.  It's not done, as I need to add axles and most of the undercarriage.   The truck bed is  separate(you can see the seam if you look closely) this is how the truck was manufactured.  I'll be able to ordere one tab/undercarriage and the 2 differnt back, and cast up the 2 common versions of the truck.  I'll also be able to take the 47mm SA-34 AT gun and mod it to the back for the uncommon tank hunter variant of the truck.

1/56th Laffly S-20 Troop Transport

A quick screen capture of WIP SA-34 47mm at gun
back at the beginning of January

I'm quite happy with how the truck is looking. I need to touch up the back wheel well and add the small runner wheels(after the undercarriage is in place)

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  1. It's turned out very well and clean, 6 hours is a lot of time and effort, your patience is very good but I'm afraid mine would not be.