Sunday, April 24, 2011

more HG Walls

I've finished  another H.G. Walls building I bought at Hotlead.   This time it is a German barn:

H.G. Walls German barn with hand-made hurdle fencing.
Show with 28mm  LE TAG drunken Cossack
this peice actually took more preparation then the church did.  For starters, it was a hollow one peice casting, so I went about cutting off the roof. Since i play predominantly skirmish systems these days, I want to be able to put figures into it.  this took the better part of 2 hours as I like to use a hobby knife.  a dremel tool would do it much faster but also cuts away more of the actual model.i find a well-handeled hobby knife leaves a less obvious seam.

Hurdle fencing before painting.
The next step was the hurdle fencing  i used cut-down match sticks for the posts  and weaved steel wire until i had the right height. then i glued the wire to the matchsticks. then i made the gate the same way as i did for the church, using split match sticks. this would have only taken 45 minutes, but  the first time i tried a larger gauge of wire, and although i liked it, i only got about 75% of the height i wanted before i ran out.  So i unwove it and started over with a smaller gauge wire, and it took another hour(because i needed to weave more of the smaller gauge stuff)

Hopefully with my involvement in the cub winding down all the recent turmoil, and having been sick,  i can get back to a more productive  painting schedule. in the next week or 2.  I guess only time will tell.