Friday, April 15, 2011

Of Grenadiers and Orchards...

We had family staying from out west(alberta) this week so despite being out of my figure-painting rut, my output this week was fairly low.

Wednesday night I painted up the Kurfurst regiment's Grenadier company.  the Electorate forces use combined grenadier battalions in the field,  so these will be fielded in a formation with the Kurprinz grenadiers when I get around to ordering that 2nd infantry regiment.

Kurfurst Grenadiers defending a wall

I also finally got around to assembling and finishing an orchard I've had kicking around my back room since the beginning of last December.   it is 16"x16" and has 9 removable trees, and a hand-made front gate.  I cut matchsticks in half and then split them lengthwise to get the right thickness.  I glued them open so that I can get a 25mm-30mm base through.  I got lazy and decided not to put a gate on the back.  Despite the trees being removeable, I decided to leave enough space between the wall and the tree bases to fit a 60mm movement trays or a 50mm base(which our Napoleonics are on).

Orchard being guarded by the Kurfurst Grenadiers

Shot of a removable tree and the and-made gate
Having previously scrounged or bought all the materials needed, I assembled and painted the orchard(and re-flocked the trees) in about 8 hours(with glue & sand drying over night).


  1. Very nice! I like this idea of removing trees.

  2. Really nice set up and the removable trees is very effective.