Saturday, April 23, 2011

Items Stolen

At my (soon to be former) gaming club, there were a rash of breaking and thefts over the last little while.  Last week I lost 4 items pictured below:

AGNM T-28.
One of the MG turrets fell off so i still have that

JTFM German Neubaufehrzeug NbFz IV
Not normally on a base, I mounted it on one to match my AGNM collection.
Conquest miniatures pre-painted small longhouse, Unbased

One of the rock outcroppings pictured here.
I don't have a specific picture of the one stolen,
but it is one of the vaguely triangular outcroppings.

If anyone happens to see any of these around the internet, sound the alarm and let me know. Along with 1 or 2 other items stolen , it creates a rather random set of items. I suspect it's a rather strange mix of items so i suspect the culprit was grabbing things to sell. I've been looking around  on Ebay, TMP marketplace & exchange, Bartertown and Kijiji for my city(Hamilton, Ontario, Canada). 

I can't really afford to replace most of this stuff right now, so I would really like to catch this bastard red-handed. Any help anyone can give to that end would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Well that is just gutting. Not just that you dont have them after all that work, time and effort - but that other B@#$ard think he deserved them more than you.

    Not that its any consolation, but you did a cracking job with that T-28

  2. That's just terrible. Some people are just scum and ruin things for others. I hope you get your mini's back as they quite nice.


  3. Scumbags, really sorry to hear this.

  4. That is really shitty Steve. And they had to take your unique tanks too, not something run of the mill and easily replaced like a MkIII.

  5. Why would they steal them???? Spite?? They certainly won´t be able to profit from them now..and deserve a bit of an introduction the "unarmed" combat when they are caught...

  6. Solution: Introduce Mr. Thief's Kneecap to Mr. Ball Peen Hammer.

    Did I mention I hate thieves? And liars and cheats.

  7. It's certainly a strange world, any wargamer/collector knows how precious, this stuff is to us, so why steal from a fellow gamer. The trouble is its gonna make you paranoid, IF, you decide to share your troops at a game again. It would defiantly spoil the enjoyment and put a bitter taste in my mouth.

  8. Gutted for you, mate. Like everyone else, whenever I read about similar thefts I really can't understand why some people do this, like all the stories of people swiping minis off of game tables at conventions.

    I hope they turn up.