Thursday, September 9, 2010

18th Century Civilians & Painting Rut Broken

well, it looks like i *may* have broken my painting rut.  This afternoon I painted 7 18th century civilians for my Sharp practice FIW  Project.  3 are Front Rank civilians, and the other 4 are part of the Blue Moon "Duelists" collection. My personal favourite is the one with the lantern,  Fantastic figure.  these are not quite finished. I have to paint the sand on the base and then flock it.  might take 30 minutes tomorrow, before i head down to the Club.

Hopefully I can now get back to painting. I need to finish get my Perry Hussars done. that will bring me 1 step closer to finally finishing my Baden  army.


  1. Great work! Love the blue moon stuff - don't think I've seen them up close like that!

  2. Very nice. I especially like the effect you achieved on the lantern.