Tuesday, September 14, 2010

28mm WW2 Russian test scheme

Well this morning I decided to try my hand at painting a few 28mm Crusader WW2 Russians.    I've never
 painted Russians before. In fact, I've only ever painted late Germans  in Wehrmacht Gray.

I have 3 full squads( sgt, LMG team, 2 PPSH, 7 riflemen) as well as one squad with all rifles, and a few extra riflemen.  I figure if i pick up another pack of Crusader PPSH and LMGs I can finish off 4 full squads.

Anyway, I'm interested in comments and Suggestions on the colour scheme, so feel free to post.


  1. I like the 2 tone look of the PPsh guy; overall though a little too much green. The helmet is fine but most eye witness accounts talk of "brown" uniforms. In reality, Soviet khaki was a myriad of shades, and some items used US olive drab cloth supplied lend lease, but the majority of it was varying shades from the light khaki drill of the summer uniform to deeper grayish brown. Most important though is it was rare to see a matching suit i.e the jacket and pants will always be of a different color, sometimes even different fabric. I mix my own khaki from cheap green and brown acrylic craft paints as I go along and that produces plenty of variations!

  2. BTW a full strength squad in 1941 was 11, not 12 men so you can 'recover' a few warm bodies to make up your 4th squad....


    there was also a shortage of automatic weapons across the board, so don't worry too much about them.