Sunday, September 12, 2010

Baden Hussars Test Paint

I finally got back to painting a few Napoleonic figures this weekend.  Yesterday I painted half a unit of Perry hussars up as Baden Hussars. I had conflicting information on whether the fur was black or brown, so I went with black(looks better I think)

This is my first foray into Perry Plastics. These figures are gorgeous.  They easily meet the quality  am accustomed to when dealing with metal Perry miniatures. The detail is clear and is easy to paint. I have 16 of them(my french Dave gave me his command sprue) that allows me to complete 2 units of 8.

once i have these done, i will have my Baden cavalry contingent complete.  After that I just need to assemble 1 battalion of Baden Guard, 1 unit of jagers and  and 3 artillery batteries to finish them off. when done, I'll have the first 3 regiments of infantry, jagers,  1 dragoon regiment, 1 hussar regiment, the Garde du Corps, the Guard battalion, and 3 gun batters(1 horse).

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