Friday, September 17, 2010

Busy Few Days.

Well, Since Tuesday I've been busy.  Yesterday, I painted 2 squads(25 figures) of Russian infantry.  It took me about 6 hours all told.

These are mostly crusader with a few assault group minis mixed in.  I was quite surprised how close the 2 are in size.  I collect a lot of modern, which is almost entirely from TAG.  I always thought them bigger then most other companies.  the crusader minis to me are on the small side. 
Left to Right: Crusader, Crusader, Crusader, TAG

Wednesday I painted a squadron of 10 Forgeworld Death Korps of Krieg Death Riders for a friend. This is an interesting army, because it's very much modeled on WW1 style of troops(with sci-fi weapons of course).  They are painted a little dark and drab for my personal tastes but my friend chose the paint scheme(the 5th Siege Regiment) from the Imperial Armour books, and then approved the test scheme.

Some people wonder why I jump back and forth between projects, sometimes without even finishing a unit(re the Baden hussars from last weekend).  I like to keep 2 or 3 small side projects on the go, so if i get bored of my main project I can switch gears and remain interested. at the moment however, I've just finished painting all my FIW stuff(which was my main project)  and I have not decided which of my side projects will become the primary one.  So sa a result I've been jumping from project to project more then usual,  following my whim  at the moment I sit down to paint.

at the moment, my in-progress side projects are(all 28mm):

WW2 Russian platoon ( 50% done)
ECW parliamentarian army ( 25% done)
Napoleonic Baden Hussar regiment ( 25% done)
Skirmish Eastern Renaissance Polish & Turkish  (10% done)

I suspect  the eastern renaissance will be the next primary project .  I have a few 40K items to paint for some friends however, and I want to finish them before i get back to a big-ish project(which the polish are).


  1. Nicely done!

    In the second picture I think it's actually three Crusader figures and the TAG guy kneeling at the end.

    Crusader Minis

    I hear you about jumping around a bit to keep things fresh and interesting... but I do like to have a main project with a clear objective in mine. I find if I just jump around from thing to thing without any sort of objective I get nothing done... well not enough of anything to play with... I also end up sending more money on more toys!?

  2. Good call, you are right. there is a TAG figure very similar to that pose but it in the 3rd squad which has yet to be painted.

    but that proves my point. they fit in well enough that i couldn't tell the difference.

    The only appreciable difference i can see are very slight variations in the rifles, and TAG helmets appear ever so slightly larger at the rim. If you aren't really paying attention, it is *very* east to mistake them.

    incidentally if anyone has any Black Tree designs Russian support teams let me know. maybe we do some trading.


  3. Cheers!

    I also have BTD Russians (sorry, none to trade...) and Bole Action/Warlord Games and even a few Battle Honors in the mix - I think they all go very well together. One only notices differences when you hold them up to each other. When you have a nicely painted horde of them on the table - as it seems you are about to - no one can tell the difference!

  4. A terrific bunch of paint jobs. I agree about mixing up projects, sometimes you need to let paint dry, get inspiration, or a quick change of pace.