Sunday, September 5, 2010

Architects of War and Modern scenario setup.

I've been in a painting rut since i got back from out west a few weeks ago. I've been building a bit of terrain for teh Club, but that's about it.

Firday night I Decided to pull out the 2 small Architects of War terrain peices I bought at historicon.  I finished them in about 2 hours.   The figures are Front Rank Napoleonic Bavarian modified and painted as a Baden command stand

Then this afternoon I was intending to run a play test of my  28mm Modern scenario using Disposable Heroes and the modern supplement. No one showed up and played, so I left it set up for next Friday.  I'm planning 4 games For MIGSCON this year in hamilton ontario. For mre information, click HERE

One British Platoon is pinned down by insurgents. the other 
must make their way to the 1st platoon and save them.

Close-up of some Insurgents 
(TAG Fedayeen)

Close-up of Land Rovers 
(TAG Land Rovers, modified by me)

Incidentally, if anyone is in Hamilton(Ontario, Canada) Area and would like to participate in playtesting any of the scenarios I'm planning for MIGSCON, Email Me  and we can arrange something.  I'm looking to play test with 4-6 players, and I never seem to get more then 1 or 2 players at a time. 

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