Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Settlement complete

Since it was cool and rainy today, I decided it would be a good day to finish off the village wall and base.  I started out today base coated in  in Krylon Camp system Brown. I started around 1pm and finished grassing the base around 7:30.  I tend to break up my hobby time a bit. so I take occasional breaks

Front entrance with Conquest Miniatures Magua

I Went through 6 test schemes for the wall before settling on a dreary looking  brown-grey.  I decided i wanted it to look a little more authentic.  Sometimes you see beautifully painted wargaming  terrain like log cabins and palisades and such that are so bright and cheery.  Real life logs just aren't that vibrant, especially after exposure to weather.   I also think the final paint scheme looks a little more in line with the long houses.

I still have another drying rack or 2 to build, and I'm going to build a pair of pots over a fire pit.   I only built 1 lookout platform for now, since I could not find any good information on them. If i do get some info, I'll probably build 3 that can move around inside.

I also got a package with my French and Indian war command and artillery in the mail yesterday. I plan to have it all done by Friday.

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