Monday, January 3, 2011

The Electorate of Lustigzollern - Großgesaß

I finally sat down and fleshed out my ImagiNation a bit more.  Originally I was going to have the Electorate landlocked, but i decided against this.  Instead it will not have a large coast, but they will have one major port. it is cross-crossed by several  large rivers, and as such one of the main modes of travel will be by barge.  I've already joked with my fellow ImagiNationists  about  building a barge with a siege cannon on it(I'll get to it eventually). 

The Electorate is ruled by Kurfurst Friedhelm Ivo Großgesaß.  he has 1 young son(so far), Kurprinz Konrad Zsiga Großgesaß, who has just come of age.  He show s promise as a military commander, and is now in command of the Kurprinz Infantry regiment(named for him).

It is tradition in the Großgesaß Family to actually command the regiments they have sponsored.  However due to the fact that  the people of the electorate are a pragmatic, exceptions are Usually made for members of the ruling family who show no ability for military strategy and tactics.

I will be initially aiming for 2 'regiments' of 56 figures(plus Battalion guns, Big men, musicians, Standards, etc) Each will have 2 "battalions" of 6 coys of 8 fusiliers and a 3 pound battalion gun.  each regiment will also have a coy of 8 grenadiers to be detached and formed up into a converged grenadier battalion. I will also have have 2 coys of skirmishers.

Eventually i will expand with a  regiment or 2 of cavalry and maybe a 6lb gun. I'd also like to find a 28mm Grenz Amusette team, but I'm not sure if anyone even makes any in this scale!

Now for the uniforms. I originally decided to use Austrian uniforms, but over the week end I decided I actually wanted to use the later Hungarian uniforms.  the Skirmishers are going to have the uniforms cut like Austrian Grenz uniforms.

 the Kurpinz Regiment Regimentfahne and uniform

 the Kufurst Regiment Regimentfahne and uniform