Friday, February 28, 2014

first 2 months of 2014 in review

yesterday I painted the last battalion of the Russian 12th Infantry Division,  the 2nd battalion of  New Ingermand(or New Ingria, depending on your source du jour)  musketeer regiment.

New Ingermand Musketeer Regiment, 2nd battalion,

 at the same time i also knocked out 2 brigade commanders, one perry, one foundry.  both are excellent figures, although the perry horses are a little nicer.

Russian Brigade commanders, left: Perry, Right: Foundry
I also took stock of the first 2 months of the year while waiting for a wash to dry.   I look back at the blog and also in some cases i had at hand, and came to the compulsion that since new years I've painted about 260 28mm infantry, 15 cavalry, 6 28mm buildings,  8 forest bases, a bridge, a 12x12 feild, 18 feet of roads, and some bockages stuff. oh, and  4 feet of snake fencing.  not to shabby!  it's amazing what you can do when you don't(or inexplicably can't) work for a living(see below).

Aside from painting figures I've been looking for a co-op for the electrical engineering technology program I'm enrolled in.  I came close to getting on once in early january, but since then everything has dried up.  fortunately  my ability to paint to channel my frustration has returned. It had been absent for several years.

More terrain, and almost certainly more Russians(Artillery) are in the works for March.  I'm in the process of getting ready for Hotlead, a convention in Southern Ontario at the end of March.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

RN Naval Boarding Party

so yesterday after posting, I finished up a set of 8 Ironclad Miniatures Royal Navy Boarding Party figures as a 2nd lot for a recent commission.  they were lead by a west wind officer in similar garb.

interesting figures to be sure, and unique too. Although the sculpting is not to the same level as the IHMN figures I painted yesterday they still came out nicely. They are also noticeably smaller.

Lord Curr's company is next on hte block. they will be started on tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

IHMN commission

I recently took a commission of a few teams of In Her Majesty's Name figures.

The first team I worked on is the Scotland yard team  it consists of 12 figures, including notable characters like Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson as consultants.
Left to Right: Chief inspector, Sergeant,
The Consulting Detective, the Good Doctor

Special Branch with carbines
Constables with English All Electric Truncheons

the detail is overemphasized on these figures so they  take washes very nicely.  i was rather pleased with how the turned out.

I was in a bit of a painting rut last week.  had some insomnia which threw my mood off and I could not bet to painting anything.  I'll be getting back to painting again as i have several things I have to finish to get ready for a big game at Hotlead.  I'm hoping to finish the other 2 teams in the commission by the end of the week.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

More French and Russians

Despite a bought of insomnia which screwed up most of my week, i still managed to get 3 battalions painted.  the last Russian battalion is sitting on my desk awaiting paint.  when it's done, I'll have completed the first of 2 divisions.

the first 2 of 3 battalions are perry plastic french with a couple of Perry metal officers, painted as Legere. the main change is that instead of painting the cuff straps I simply left them blue and painted the white angles on the arms.

The Russian battalion I painted is the first battalion of the New Ingria regiment (or new Ingermand regiment, depending on the source referenced). they are perry with a foundry metal officer I've had kicking around.

as mentioned the 2nd battalion is awaiting paint, and will be the last battalion to finish off the infantry portion of my first division.  the artilelry have been ordered and are en route as we speak..

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Russians and French

So after getting back from my  reenactment last weekend, I started painting Monday afternoon. By the time I had wrapped up painting for the week late Thursday night, I had painted 4 battalions of infantry(64 figures).  I had painted about 6 hours a day.

Battalion of french infantry in greatcoats,
Perry palstics with a metal flag bearer and drummer

Russian Alexopol regiment
Perry figures
2nd Battalion, Narva regiment.

I'm gonna try and do the same thin g this week, but alternating between french and Russians.  I'm currently 2 units away from completing both a Russian division and French brigade.  alternating will hopefully keep me from getting sick of painting Russians

Since new years I figured I've painted something like 160ish infantry and at least 9 cavalry plus building/painting a butt load of terrain.