Saturday, October 31, 2020

Pandemic Projects 6: French Old Guard Grenadiers(etc.)

Before I left Ontario 5 years ago, I picked up a box each of Victrix Old Guard Grenadiers and Chasseurs. Once I got here I found that there was only a small historical community, and they didn't really do much that I had an interest in, so many of my historical projects got neglected. after digging through my project tubs in the last month, I came across the sprues for these and decided they needed to get painted. I also had a unit of Perry cuirassier laying around and decided they also need some love.

This weeks painted units.

First unit this week is Perry French cuirassiers.  These are wonderful models.  I have more of these but I need to order a pair of command sprues to finish the units.

Perry Plastic French Cuirassiers

Next up is the Victrix Old Guard Grenadiers.  Each box of Old Guard has 60 models: 48 infantry and 4 sets of 3 command figures.  i used one set of command figures with some Perry plastic french in greatcoats, and there were 9 figures left over so I used them to make an 8-figure skirmish unit. I'm not sure if the Old Guard actually used skirmishers, but its a good use of figures.  With all that done, I have but a single figure left. I have the say that these boxes are much easier to assemble then Victrix' earlier offerings.  the figures have 3-5 parts.

the 2 command stands are from the Victrix(now Brigade Games) Metal Old Guard commanders. In the blister I wasn't really keen on them but I got them cheap.  Unpainted the bearskins make the figures look strange. once i painted them though they looked far less odd.

Victrix Metal Guard commanders and Plastic
Old Guard Grenadier Skirmishers

Victrix Old Guard Grenadiers charging

Victrix Old Guard Grenadiers marching. back unit
flipped to display the detail on the backpacks.

overall I'm very happy with this weeks productivity.  I still have the Old Guard Chasseurs to paint, but  they are essentially just head swaps of the same figures so I'm going to give it a bit of time before I try to paint them. The edging on the backpacks made me go cross-eyed. I'm sure I can find something to keep myself busy next week!

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Pandemic Projects 5: Napoleonic French Cavalry

 This week I decided I was going to start eating in to my 28mm Napoleonic pile.  I have a Russian Division, a Prussian Brigade, and a whole host of french kicking around unfinished, mostly Perry with a bit of Victrix mixed in.  The french are the least represented in my painted collection(especially cavalry), so I decided to start there.

Perry French Dragoons and Hussars

Normally I pick a section of an Order of battle to build my formations and decide on regiments, but I haven't really done that with any of my french.  these dragoons are no different.  I have 3 units now.  these 2 are pink faced(Regiments 13-18) and yellow faced(regiments 19-24). I already have a unit that is orange faced(regiments 25-30). I intend to do the other half of all 3 regiments eventually. These colours almost fit the 6th Heavy Cavalry Division, 5th Cavalry Corps at Leipzig. I also converted 2 of my individually based dismounted units into my mass combine system skirmish units. I only got 1 based in time for the photo shoot. they were less important as I figure thy won't get used to often.  I'll need 2 more boxes of Perry Plastic dragoons plus an extra command sprue and a pair of horse artillery guns to finish off this division.

Dismounted Dragoons skirmishing

Dragoons from a random regiment 
between 13 and 18

Dragoons from a random regiment 
between 19 and 24

Unlike the Dragoons, Hussar regiments are pretty unique in colouring, so I did find an order of battle for Leipzig, and chose my regiments that way. I chose the 2nd Light Cavalry Division, 2nd Cavalry Corps. These units represent half of the 5th and 9th Hussar regiments. i have another hussar box kicking around, so if I order an extra command sprue I'll be able to finish off these regiments. in order to finish off the Cavalry division, I'd need 3 units of Lancers, 4 units of chasseurs a cheval, and 2 Horse Artillery teams. that translates into 2 boxes of Warlord lancers, and 2 boxes of Perry chasseurs cplus 2 extra chasseur command sprues.

Painting the hussars was a bit of a daunting task due to the lace. I wasn't sure it would turn out well  but I'm happy with the result.

Hussars from the 5th regiment, Perry Plastic

Hussars from the 9th regiment, Perry Plastic

I have to show off the lace on those white jackets. 
it turned out way better then i anticipated!


I'm not entirely sure what I'll be doing for next week. might be more french. It'll probably be more Napoleonics, as it makes up so much of what I have left to paint.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Pandmic Projects 4: Terrain Making and Casting

 I've had a few terrain projects dangling near-finished for a while, but I lacked the motivation to get the over the finish line.  some like gun position has been sitting around needing to be grassed for 9 months. others like the walls have only been sitting idle for 2 or 3 months. then there is the bridge, which I bought at HotLead(I think?) in Ontario 6 years ago, before i moved to Edmonton.either way i decided i needed to get some  finished.

The bridge was a great find.  I bought it at the HotLead fleamarket 6 or 7 years ago, broken in two.  I knew I could pin it and fix it, and more importantly, it fits 50x50mm bases perfectly! it also happens to fit my river system well.  it also painted up really nice.

It had broken right at the middle point to the side of the central arch stone. I pined it in 4 places for extra strength.

Side shot of bridge

50x50mm bases fit perfectly!

 Next is gun position. I built this a year ago as a test bed for some techniques in making wood texture. it was a general success. I used Renedra wattle fencing and gabions, but I intent to make my own for future projects.  in the future I'll probably also make the walls higher. they came out a little lower then I'd want.

The texture on hte wood planks was created by "scrubbing" the wood with a wire brush. The wood used was basswood.

Position occupied by Napoleonic British guns

Lower angle to show the height of the position walls.

Reverse angle. Note the texture on the planks.


This wall project started both because I wanted some more walls, but also because I wanted to try my hand at casting in 2-part self-skinning polyurethane expanding foam.  i started by making some dry stone walls. I had to modify how i cast them, but they ended up working ok.  there are some bubbles because I don't have a vacuum chamber I can't really do much about it. Note on the drystone walls the moss/vines on the walls furthest from the camera. I did that to cover up places where walls were damaged coming out of the mold the first few times. the skin would separate from the foam. I managed to solve the issue after a few castings.  Each wall section is 6 inches long. for this set, i have a single straight wall, one with a gate, and one with a corner on the end like the old GW stone walls.

the 3 unique lengths of wall.

A three sided paddock defended by the Buffs

From a lower angle so you can see the height


The second set of walls is more of an attempt to replace my old GW fantasy stone walls. you can't get them anymore, and they are slowly breaking.  I built these out of individual styrofoam blocks textured with a foil ball. the blocks are on average under half the size of the massive 200lb blocks the GW ones are apparently made out of. I also varied the block size a bit more. So there are some that are very small and some that are almost the size of the GW ones, near the bottom usually.  I built two unique straight sections, one section with a corner, and one with a gateway/opening. I've seen these style of opening in several pictures of similar style old stone walls.

These cast nicer then the dry stone walls. I thin there are less extreme changes in topograghy for air to get stuck in. there are still air bubbles but they are generally less noticeable.

the four unique sections of wall

Three of the master walls shown with a GW
Fantasy stone wall for comparison

From a lower angle so you can see the height

And finally, a well I bought on Friday this well is from the Wizkids "Deep Cuts" line of scatter terrain and accessories.  They are cheap ($6.95 CDN, or about $5 USD) and are full of detail. This one came with a little water insert that pops out easily.  good 28mm wells aren't easy to find so I'm glad I got this one for really cheap.

Deep Cuts well with water insert out

Well with water insert in

As some of you might have noticed, I'm trying to update once every week or two now. we'll see how long that lasts.  being unemployed certainly makes finding the time a bit easier.  Its also nice to have some Motivation to paint. The lack of historical gamers in Edmonton combined with lack of gaming during the pandemic had certainly taken its toll.


Saturday, October 10, 2020

Pandemic Projects 3: Rebasing and Touching up Victrix Peninsular British.

 After a discussion last week with a Local Edmontoner about what Napoleonics I had, I decided to look at my peninsular skirmish collection.  The collection is small one I built to put on a scenario at Hotlead about a decade ago.  I have only once pulled out the figures for a game since then. The collection is mostly made up of Victrix figures, with the addition of Front rank french artillery and Perry cavalry for both sides.

I was looking to bolster my french a bit, but I cannot really make what i have in skirmish work for cohesive units of 16 in a mass battle game without buying a 2nd box. then i looked at my British. due to the peculiarities of how Victrix released the British, I had to buy a box of centre companies and a box of flank companies. this gave me enough extra figures to flesh out 4 battalions of British infantry with enough flank companies left over to make a pair of 8 figure light battalion skirmish units(I have the metal addons that victrix offered up)  plus enough flank company figures to make another brigade if I buy another box of centre companies.

the Whole Brigade, all Victrix Plastics
except the Perry plastic Hussars

3rd Regiment of Foot (the Buffs)

59th regiment of Foot (2nd Nottinghamshire)

I chose the infantry regiments based on what flags I got in the boxes.  I'll probably use regiments with different coloured flags for the 2nd brigade when i get around to buying another centre company box.  Originally they were done as an unknown regiment, so i had to repaint the collars and cuffs on everything i also touched up the belts, and painted the command to go with them.  The exception is the 2nd battalion of the 59th regiment, which i painted 14 new figures.  In total I painted 26 new infantry to make these battalions up to size. they are on 50x50mm bases.teh red was painted with GW contrast Blood angels red over white vellejo spray primer.  It makes it super easy!  I'm not 100% sold on the entire contrast line, but the red is a keeper!  the belts on the buffs are GW Contrast Skeletal Horde. another keeper.

10th Hussars, Perry Miniatures Plastics

The hussars were unmodified.  I do plan on rebasing them eventually, but i have a shortage of both money and more bases, so I'll worry about that later. their existing bases in almost the same footprint in their sabot, so it should be fine for now. they will eventually be mounted on 50x50mm bases instead of individually on 25x50 pill bases, in a sabot.  The way we base them, cavalry units are a bit awkward, as they represent 2 squadrons. so  usually double up on my units to make a regiment. The nice thing about Perry cavalry boxes is although they are only 14 figures, if I order an additional 2-figure command frame, I have enough for 2 units of 8(a full regiment).  at some point down the road I intend to grab a hussar command frame, plus a box of light Dragoons, and a command frame for them too.

Metal Officer and sapper, Plastic Artillery,
all Victrix Miniatures

I had bought a Victrix officer pack, which came with 2 metal officers and a sapper.  these will make my 2 brigade command stands. I also had a box of Victrix plastic artillery.  2 are seen here.  I intend to buy another box of artillery so i can have a 2nd battery for the next brigade, plus an extra battery, maybe of howitzers, or heavier guns.  the limbers that accompany the set are also built, although one of them got badly broken at some point in the base so I had to rebuild it.  I want to put them on 60x60mm, so they will wait until I have the money to get bases.

overall I'm happy with how this turned out.  with the additions of a box of Victrix center companies, a box of Artillery, a box of light Dragoons, and 2 command frames, I'll have 2 brigades of line infantry(128 figures) 2 skirmish light battalions, 3 artillery batteries, and  4 cavalry units. that is a solid British division plus a cavalry brigade in support.

Saturday, October 3, 2020

More Pandemic Projects: Ottoman Additions

 Earlier this week I decided I was going to paint my 2nd unit of Ottoman Sipahis of the Porte.  I don't paint these lightly, as the first unit I painted took something like 12 hours?  That is roughly 3 times what a unit of 8 normally takes me. In fact I have had the second unit of 8 kicking around for more then 6 months, and I was finally recharged enough to take them on.  I hadn't photographed the first unit, janissary bases, or giant friggin' cannon because although they were painted, they were not based when I took photos of the whole army.


The Assault Group Ottoman Sipahis of the Porte
(the Sultans household cavalry)


Other side with shields.
newly painted unit in the lead

 I'm less happy with the geometric patterns on the new unit.  I though I should cover up the black lines I had painted on as guides, but it turns out they give everything a crispness that really makes them pop.  I don't really have the skill to paint them without those lines. it was way more obvious once i saw the pictures. I Also noticed i forgot the white feathering. I'll be going back over with the black lines  and feathering the legs to finish them.


New bases for my TAG Jannisaries

I got some new bases for my TAG Jannisaries to bring them closer to the basing for Beneath the Lilly Banners: With Tooth and Claw Suggestions.

Ottoman Giant Friggin' Cannon.  Crew are TAG
miniatures, cannon is from Wizkids Deep cuts line

Giant Friggin' Cannon from the other side

Finally there is the Ottoman Giant Friggin' Cannon, as I call it.  this is a cannon from the Wizkids "Deep Cuts" line of fantasy terrain and accessories. This line has a lot of great generic items. This thing was only $7 bucks canadian!! That's almost half the price of any normal sized cannon from Front rank etc.  Its actually modeled on the Tsar cannon but it looks great with my ottomans. Now all I need is a 12 horse limber for it!

That's it for now. All the ottomans I own are painted now. in a week or two I may have some terrain projects ready to be photographed.