Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Pandemic Projects: Finally some ECW progress!

Unlike most people, I have been very unproductive during the COVID 19 pandemic.  I use games and events to motivate myself, and since none have been happening, I have found myself lacking in motivation. It also doesn't help that I have very little unfinished from Most of my projects,  ECW and Napoleonic being the outliers.

about 2 weeks ago, I was really eager to paint but I didn't have much left of my ImagiNations, and I was not really feeling up to painting AWI.  I remembered that I have a pretty decent pile of Plastic Warlord ECW figures kicking around, and decided that I would at least pull them out and  take a look.  A day later I had decided on a new basing(and only slightly different) for the Infantry and I had primed Lord Say and Sele's regiment and begin painting.  I also decided that i would like to use Beneath the Lilly Banners 3rd ed to play my Civil war games.  Although the rules are meant for 1670-1720ish, I use them with one or 2 house rules for my Imaginations. The rules have everything I think you would need to play games 30 years earlier as well.

Before this, I had the Cuirassier unit, Lord Brooke's regiment(in purple) the Saker, and  Lord Essex character figures painted, as well as 2/3rds of  the Dragoons.  In the last 2 weeks, I have painted 4 Dragoons, all of Lord Saye and Sele's regiment(40 figures) and the 12 figure unit of cavalry(Essex's horse regiment, also frequently called Sir Philip Stapleton's regiment.

All the ECW figures I currently have painted.

40 figures of Lord Brooke's Regiment

40 figures of Lord Saye & Sele's Regiment of foot.

Lord Essex's or Sir Philip Stapleton's Regiment

Sir William Balfour's Lifeguard Regiment


Sir Henry Fairfax, Saker with master gunner,
and Lord Essex

the regiment split us as I intend to field them
in BtLB3

Lord brooks is based on 40x40mm bases, 4 figures to a base.  I decided to change to 45x60mm bases for the musketeers, 6 to a base, and 45x80mm bases for the pike and command, 8 to a base.  this works out far better if I decide to use a system that doesn't require huge units(which I am), so I can put 2 bases of 6 musketeers together with a base of 8 pike and have a standard 3 base unit in Beneath the Lilly Banners 3rd ed. i had the bases sitting around from all the Perry napoleonics. they use 60x45mm for cavalry, and 40x45 for infantry. I glue 2 40x45mm together to get the 40x85mm, and reinforce it with strategic figure placement and the magnetic sheeting i use for storage on the bottom. they come out surprisingly sturdy.

The cavalry basing stays exactly the same, except each unit of 12 becomes 2 squadrons of 6 figures in BtLB3.

I have enough figures to make 2 more units of 12 cavalry, 2 more units of 40 infantry, and enough firelock storm Party figures to make 5 stands of 6.  that will double what is painted right now.  When using Beneath the Lilly Banners 3rd ed, that all doubles to 8 pike and shotte infantry  units, and 10 cavalry units.  Plus I have a unit of 12 dismounted dragoons waiting to be based.