Wednesday, September 21, 2011

2 Posts in 1 Week, Holy Crap!

Yes, 2 posts in one week.  I'm finally getting back to painting.

This time I've painted up the remaining 8 grenadiers(the grenadier company of the Kurprinz regiment, which i have yet to buy).  this served as the true test platform for the new colour scheme, which i think is actually the nicer looking of the 2 regimental uniforms.

Grenadier company of the Kurprinz Regiment,
with the converged battalion command.
and with that, my Converged Grenadier Battalion is complete.

Complete converged Grenadier Battalion
and with that I'll be able to start working on the 16 troopers, standard and trumpeter of the Metzger Kurassier.

the other thing I've been working on jsut this evening is modifying Old glory horses to look like draft horses to go with ammunition carts for my FIW collection.  Gaming friend Mark Degner and I will be running a large FIW scenario using a modified version of Sharp Practice.   I had thought i had enough old Glory draft horses left, but it trusn out i only have one.  I do have a box full of extra horses, so i used some putty to modify them.  I'll post those once I get them painted as well.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's Alive!

Yes, I am still alive.   over the last 2 months I experienced more gaming 'funk'.  Along the way I also painted a few commissions started school, and  sold my French truck master to Army Group North Miniatures after i was plagued in  the later stages of getting it cast. I had gotten a few trucks out ok, but then the problems started, and they did not stop until i decided to sell it.

anyway, over the last week or two I painted up some Imagination stuff,  specifically the first 2 groups of the Köztársaság  Pandour regiment.

Köztársaság Pandour infantryman (Crusader miniatures)

Köztársaság Pandour officers and hornist (Crusader miniatures)
 I had ordered some Eagle miniatures kneeling pandours to convert into an Amusette team, but they really won't fit in at all with the crusader. they are larger, and the sculpting is not particularly complimentary either.  If anyone has any kneeling Austrian Grenz from Old Glory, let me know.

Köztársaság Pandours engaging Tufecis raiders from Asarya

I will expand the pandour regiment with another unit of 8 infantry, and i think I'm going to add a troop of 6 mounted pandours, using Front rank figures. I'll be using the pose with the severed head as a character naturally!

I also did a bit of test painting on some other figures i had, specifically some Grenadier Officers.  my grenadier formation will be the grenadier "companies" from each of the 2 infantry regiments  i will eventually have. it also doubled as a viability test of the Kurprinz regiment uniform colours.  I think they tuned out well.
Converged Grenadier NCO, Officer, and Drummer.
The Blue is the  Kurprinz Regimental uniform.

Also, I'll be running a big-ish FIW Sharp Practice game at Council Fires on October 1st, so stop by and say Hi!