Monday, May 16, 2011

Laffly S-20 arrived.

 My 1:56th laffly S-20 truck arrived today from Shapeways in the Netherlands.  I decided to try out a new material that they are doing an 8 week test run on, Frosted detail. it`s capable higher detail then the material I used last time for the test wheels, and it has a smoother finish.  Unfortunately, the material is semi see-through so it is hard to see  details in any photo i take.

From my computer...

To a physical model!
All in all the truck cost about $70 CDN( $62 for model & shipping, $8 for UPS COD at the door).  the spikes on the engine block are designed to fit into little slots on the cap section, and the wheel covers also slide into slots on the side of the cab.  I was initially a little worried about these not fitting but they fit perfectly! I was also a little worried about unwanted surface texture, but there is only minor texture on the right side of the truck bed.  a Dremel buffing wheel should probably take care of that nicely.

It is also nice that it arrived today as tomorrow is my Birthday.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Quick Update: More Progress on the Spanish Church

Just a quick update.

Yesterday I worked on the Graveyard around the back, and also started adding some of the finer details(window sills etc)

Unlike Gary Chalks, I made the Graveyard a little bigger, and instead of topping the wall with balsa stripes I used some 1/72nd Spanish tile roofing to make it look a little more "Spanish" instead of Carribean(which Gary Chalk's was designed for).  Like Mr Chalk's church, I made the graveyard raised, using 1" insulation foam. this makes it an excellent vantage point to defend from.  Totally by accident, the area between the wall and church on the tower-side of the church is also big enough to fit 50mmx50mm bases, which is a Fairly common basing scheme in my area for large Napoleonic collections.

Main Cemetery entry way with arch
defended by Electorate Fusiliers

Secondary cemetery entrance,
also defended by Electorate fusiliers.

I was thinking of putting Spanish tile(same as the main roof) on the transition from the tower main section to the 2nd level when i built it i think i made it the 2nd level a little too small, and now the "ridge" is too large.  Thoughts? opinions?

I'll probably be spending the rest of the day assembling the new desk(which is an early birthday present). I also have a few other items I have to finish this week so it might be a few days before i get back to this project.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Beginning of a new project.

At Hotlead i picked up 3 Boxes of Victrix Figures: 1 box of 1807-1812 french(60 figs), 1 box of Peninsular British Flank companies, and 1 box of British artillery. thus far i have only assembled about half a box of French infantry.

I decided to switch gears. I don't really have any Spanish-suitable terrain, but a few weeks ago a fellow Gamer & once upon a time mentor, Derek Watson, gave me a big Ziploc bag full of Foamcore. it turns out it was the pieces to a pair Spanish churches that he had started to cut out.  Most of the basic pieces had been cut out. I had to cut a few windows here and there, and i re-cut a few pieces from some Foamcore I have in the back room. I also added a roof made from Sheet Styrene and a sheet of  MBS 1/50th Clay tile roofing.

Church WIP

Church in it's constituent pieces
He was following an old Gary Chalk pattern that had been published in an unknown magazine many years ago.

Spanish Church by Gary Chalk, which the above
church has been based on

Like the photo the church will have a walled, raised cemetery around back  and when it is done, the whole thing will be approximately 12" x 20". I'm still a little confused as to how to texture teh church.  If you have any ideas, by all means let me know.

In other news, earlier this week, Vince Conners at Army Group North Miniatures emailed me, and Let me know that next time i place an order he will include a replacement T-28, free of charge.

Once again I am astonished by the good will of the miniatures industry.  The kind of response I have gotten from Conquest and AGNM will easily make me(and hopefully many others) a loyal customer for years to come.  If you get a chance, reward these kind souls for their kindness with a purchase. I know I will.