Monday, May 16, 2011

Laffly S-20 arrived.

 My 1:56th laffly S-20 truck arrived today from Shapeways in the Netherlands.  I decided to try out a new material that they are doing an 8 week test run on, Frosted detail. it`s capable higher detail then the material I used last time for the test wheels, and it has a smoother finish.  Unfortunately, the material is semi see-through so it is hard to see  details in any photo i take.

From my computer...

To a physical model!
All in all the truck cost about $70 CDN( $62 for model & shipping, $8 for UPS COD at the door).  the spikes on the engine block are designed to fit into little slots on the cap section, and the wheel covers also slide into slots on the side of the cab.  I was initially a little worried about these not fitting but they fit perfectly! I was also a little worried about unwanted surface texture, but there is only minor texture on the right side of the truck bed.  a Dremel buffing wheel should probably take care of that nicely.

It is also nice that it arrived today as tomorrow is my Birthday.


  1. Nice! Any chance you will ever get some cast up to sell? I know I would take 4 or 5 off your hands.

  2. It's bloody nice, quite well detailed.

  3. Keith: I'm looking at selling it for about $25-30 once I get it molded. It might be a few weeks before i have enough money to get the rubber and resin.

    it will be cast with an AGNM-exc base, and the Front fender, Front wheel covers, Steering wheel and Windshield separately