Tuesday, June 7, 2011


the last french tank I have is an AGNM AMR-35.   this is the 2nd  vehicle I picked up that has not been released yet (though it will be available soon).

Vince slipped both turrets into the bag, so the vehicle is pictured with the 13.2mm MG turret on and the 7.5mm MG turret  separately. I decided I needed a little variety in the camo, so I went for the Vertical stripe camo, using a red-brown and a more yellowish tan. Vince also has a 3rd variant, the turretless 25mm Tank hunter variant(ZT3) in the works as well.  I'll have to grab one of those next time I  make an order.

I also touched up the R-35s using the new techniques i used on the Char B1.  it's not a big change(only the Tan was redone), but i think they look better.

Before touch-ups. Taken with the old Camera 7 months ago.

After Touch-ups. Taken with new camera yesterday.

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