Wednesday, September 21, 2011

2 Posts in 1 Week, Holy Crap!

Yes, 2 posts in one week.  I'm finally getting back to painting.

This time I've painted up the remaining 8 grenadiers(the grenadier company of the Kurprinz regiment, which i have yet to buy).  this served as the true test platform for the new colour scheme, which i think is actually the nicer looking of the 2 regimental uniforms.

Grenadier company of the Kurprinz Regiment,
with the converged battalion command.
and with that, my Converged Grenadier Battalion is complete.

Complete converged Grenadier Battalion
and with that I'll be able to start working on the 16 troopers, standard and trumpeter of the Metzger Kurassier.

the other thing I've been working on jsut this evening is modifying Old glory horses to look like draft horses to go with ammunition carts for my FIW collection.  Gaming friend Mark Degner and I will be running a large FIW scenario using a modified version of Sharp Practice.   I had thought i had enough old Glory draft horses left, but it trusn out i only have one.  I do have a box full of extra horses, so i used some putty to modify them.  I'll post those once I get them painted as well.