Sunday, June 10, 2012

Random assortment of Austrians

I haven't done a great deal of painting over the last week, but i finished basing 3 units i finished the week before. I've been gaming a fair amount and between that, painting, and family stuff I haven;t blogged much in the last week or 2.

Anyway, i finished a unit of 16 Austrian grenadiers, a unit of 16 Green infantry in Line, and a unit of Jagers in skirmish.
Austrian Grenz infantry in line, Old Glory

Austrian jagers in skirmish order,  Old Glory

Austrian Grenadiers in line, Old Glory

I am once again  pleasantly surprised by the quality of old Glory Austrians.   Old glory get a bad rap some times. and after painting a an army of old glory Russians, i can understand where that reputation can come from, but the Austrians  just don't fit the mold.  they lack(from what i have seen) the ridiculous poses, and in most cases also the poorly sculpted faces.  they won't win any sculpting awards, but they also don't look ridiculous next to other(better sculpted) manufacturers. OG Austrians are certainly worth the money, especially with an old glory army discount.

we(the owner and I) chose to do his light infantry(both jagers and Grenz) in 1 line battalion and 2 skirmish battalions.  so with these units now finished we have a complete advance guard brigade of 4 skirmish and 2 line battalions, plus an artillery battery. we generally give the Grenz line battalion the unreliable special rule in Black powder, as the Grenz were not particularly useful in this formation(i guess they were just natural born skirmishers).  I also gave the Grenz both the liebfahne and ordinarfahne because we didn't have enough figures without it.

I have just a unit of grenadiers and a unit of Chevauleger to go and the Austrian army is done.

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