Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Terrain and commanders

a few weeks ago I was in Toronto at a store called Meeplmart an I picked up a GW modular hill for about $22 CDN + tax.  so at the end of last week i got it painted up, and I flocked it yesterday.   I think it turned out nice. I'm looking forward to adding a second set to complete the hill, and adding one of the smaller 1-peice hill.   I took a few pictures with some peninsular war officers I painted several weeks ago.the french one is a perry miniature and the other 2 are Victrix Peninsular war Colonels.

 At the same time I finished the hill, I also finally finished my GW Forgeworld Warhammer Siege works.  this is a huge winding 24"  redoubt that only costs about $65-70CDN ( 41£ ). I got it during one of my friend's bi-annual Forgeworld orders. it is a lovely piece! i have yet to find  anything of comparable size and quality for that low a price.  That's quite a surprise since it's coming from GW-based company.  my only complaint is that there aren't enough gun points, but it is meant for renaissance-fantasy  so i suppose only one gunpoint makes sense. I'm probably going to get a 2nd one and scratch built a few more straight sections with firing points to do a big  Redoubt for my Russian army.

the Full Forgeworld redoubt pictured with  my Baden artillery
the Left flank of the redoubt
the gun point

And finally, a close up of the Victrix Peninsular British colonels pack, complete with  British pioneer.


  1. Nice work Stephen I have the same hill looks good when painted up
    ! really like the gun emplacements too!!

  2. lovely work indeed. There's nothing like another redoubt on the table!