Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mor Peninsular Buildings

well last week I got back to college. any gaming stuff i do will probably slow a bit in pace.

 anyway, Sunday and Monday(I have most of Monday off), I finished the 3rd base of my Spanish village. these are 2 of the larger buildings in the village(only the church is bigger at the moment)

One thing I'm going to have to do is change where the roof braces are.  I usually place the braces to both reinforce the roof and make them snug with the inside edges of the end walls so that the roof does not slide around.  as you can see from the Coach house-type building the roof is lopsided.  I misjudged the braces on the one side of both buildings.

anyways, the church will be next, but I have to wait a few weeks, as i ordered a set of Renedra's Gravestones from J&M Miniatures to finish the graveyard. I'm also waiting on a local store to get in more Spanish roof tile sheets to finish off the other 4 or 5 buildings. in the meantime if i have any spare time, i may just paint a few peninsular figures.


  1. all the spanish buildings look great. i'd like to make some too but am kinda lazy - do you have any templates that you'd like to share?


    1. I don't really use templates. by that i mean i use a ruler and draw on the shape i want to cut, and then i use that to make the opposite side. that's why even though my buildings sometimes look similar, they are almost always different sizes(which is more historically accurate anyway)

  2. Very nice modeling, Sir. I'm joining up to follow your blog.

  3. Nice looking buildings.

    Well done.


  4. Really good stuff... the roof mis-align is a minor glitch - I wouldn't worry about it ... I have bought resin building in past with lift of roofs and they often don't sit quite squarely anyway...

  5. I love them! Awesome looking buildings. Very well done.

  6. Looking at doing my own buildings as well, any tips or diagrams/plans you can share...Thanks

  7. These look fabulous! I've been working on my own Spanish buildings, but I like yours much more than mine. Cheers.