Tuesday, May 28, 2013

On a Whim....

While I was at Hotlead this year, i picked up a few things, including a  Victrix British light battalion conversion pack(a rare find in person these days, since victrix metal line was sold to brigade) and a warlord ECW cannon & specialist pack.

when exams started , on a whim, i sat down and apinted the cannon team with the  gunner specialist from the specialist pack.   I had decided to paint something different after the relative monotony of the Peninsular  Napoleonics.  despite a total lack of opponents I still intend, at some point int the future, to finish my ECW army.

This really is a nice piece, an the addition of the specialist aiming the gun really  makes it that much nicer. the Warlord ECW  line really is their best offerings.  the sculpting is head and shoulders above that of the Napoleonics they've been releasing.

Next is a set of Perry Plastic Carabiniers I painted 2 weeks ago. this is part of my friend Derek's French army. you'll be seeing more of Derek's French as I paint it over the summer.

These were quite nice to paint(as perry miniatures often are). I'll be doing a regiment of these when I eventually do my own French contingent.

and finally is a random photo of my peninsular war British rushing to defensive positions  at el matadaro 

 I had taken some pictures close in on my new fur mat when I set it up for the first time. I got bored 2 weeks ago, and grabbed one of the pics and photoshopped in a background. this is the result.

Stay tuned for more...


  1. Fantastic looking pictures, I do like the artillery!

  2. Are you strictly a 28mm man? There's several of us in Toronto with 15mm Napoleonics, and some 15mm FIW as well. There's a few guys doing 20mm moderns, and a couple making noise about Nap. Skirmish in 28mm. http://torontohmg.org/

    1. I am almost entirely 28mm. I don't like painting 15s.

      I'm also lacking transport, as i don't drive and don't have a car. not a big deal if I'm coming down by myself but if I'm bringing figures or terrain, it pretty much puts an end to that.

  3. Great ! What did you use for the grass ? I'd love to get my hands on it !

  4. Auguste:
    it's unmodified Faux Fur. Camel colour, and the fibers are about 1.25 - 1.5" in length.