Tuesday, June 25, 2013

French in greatcoats

I had a busy weekend.  I was at the local gaming store Saturday for  the grand re-opening(they moved to larger storefront 3 weeks ago) and 6th anniversary.  Sunday was up at the store again giving some 40K  bits to a guy who is trying to do some heavy converting.

despite all  that time a the hobby store, i managed to polish  of a battalion of great coated French(and a 40K IG Manticore for my friend).  and start a battery of french artillery in greatcoats.  yesterday I finished off the artillery battery.

Perry French in greatcoats, with Command from the Victrix
Old Guard Chasseurs boxed set

Perry Metal  French artillery in greatcoats.

the command in the infantry battalion are taken from the Victrix  Old Guard Chasseurs box.  the perry french box does not come with any great coated command(despite halving nearly have the figures in greatcoats).  I only need 3 of the 4 sets of command that come in the Victrix old Guard boxes(i do units of 16 , so in a 60 figure box I can get 3 battalions).  so this is a useful way of using up some more of those figures.

 I really like this victrix officer.  he is very nicely sculpted, and  is very dynamic. He is the nicest victrix figure I have pained to date.


  1. Great pics and fantastic looking figures!

  2. Looking real good... nice work for just part of a Sunday... wish i painted this fast!

  3. Very nice. I have half a dozen boxes of Perry French - waiting for me to complete their Anglo-Spanish foes. Great inspiration.

  4. Stunning work Sir !

    Best regards Michael

  5. Best French in greatcoats I have ever seen!