Sunday, December 15, 2013

Map of the Electorate

well, yesterday I finished the last exam of what has been the most Exhausting semester of my post secondray career.  but I've been thinking for a while about making a more detailed map of the Electorate of Lustigzollern-Großgesaß. this was spurred by a friend inquiring how to make maps and various mapping programs. since I'm done school for the rest of the year I decided to sit down and try my hand at finishing off a map i had previously started.  all of the following has been done in adobe Photoshop.

A revised version of the original map that i had posted previously.

I had originally zoomed on one the electorate on the larger map i had made. i drew in the boarders and placed names of the provinces that make of the Electorate.

Today's Staring point.
 Starting from this point i went looking on the internet for something i could used as terrain.  i found a jpeg of hand-drawn mountains, forests, grass and hills, as well as building icons on it was in the resource section of a group over there called Cartography-Guild. the artist's name is Star Raven, and he is by far more talented then I when it comes to hand-drawing things.

I tossed this jpeg into Photoshop and began cleaning it up to use as bits for my map.  once on my map, I split everything into layers by type(Hills, Mountains, Forest, Trees, Grass, roads, individual place names, etc). I do this with everything. it makes making changes far easier later on. at the moment i have 45 layers in the end product.

once all the icons were in place i used blending options to make the hills and mountains solid black, and i made the trees overlays and tinted them green.  I used the pencil tool in a separate layer to add all the roads, and applied a pattern overlay and an external glow to make it pop. i di the same thing to all my text to differentiate it from the backgrounds.
the map after adding the modified Star Raven terrain art & Roads.
 at this stage i decided i wanted to make it look a little more like an actual map on parchment. from the same DeviantART group i snatched some generic parchment and overlayed it on to the entire project. i also snagged a nice  map rose.   I then went to a City and Town name generator that I found online to generate names for different countries.

the completed map of the Electorate

I used Austria as the country to get the names for the electorate cities and towns.  for Ungar I used Hungarian and Croatian names.  for  Lagerlichhutland I used Germany and for Aquilonia I used Welsh. some specific places were required to have preselected names, such as Köztársaság(home of my Pandour regiment)  and  Lustigzollern and Großgesaß.  for the rest i just generated 50 place names and picked the ones I liked(which were often the hardest to pronounce).

I'm very happy with how this map turned out.  My Machinations do not always pan out, but this one did quite nicely.  I'll probably end up doing a few more for the other nations i have on the map(Arsaryan turks and Polish haiduks).

 I will eventually be doing  contingents from both Aquilonia(Consul's Highland guard, regulars) and Lcgerlichhutland(perry Hessian Jagers).

I have a backlog of stuff to post(mostly from the last 2 weeks), that will hopefully make up for my school enforced absence this semester.