Monday, March 2, 2015

Moving Sale and Off to Cold Wars

As some may already know, I'm planning on moving to Alberta some time this summer.  the exact time depends on how long it takes to finish the renovations on my house, and for the house to sell.

These renovations are one of the reasons I've been so inactive on the Blog lately.

as such I've been looking at alot of my gaming stuff, and am getting rid of things i have not used in a long time.

I'll be taking the following items to cold wars this coming weekend, and then anything that does not sell there is going to hotlead with me later in March(along with a few things I won't be taking to cold wars)

first thing up is my Modern collection.  I'll be selling my iraqis and British, plus all my vehicles.

infantry: $32 per squad of 8(all squads of 8)
Resin Vehicles $30 Each
landrovers/humvees 2 for $30  
Plastic tanks $10 each

anyone buying large lots can probably get a bit of a deal too.

i have 
TAG Iraqis. LSloppy Jalopy Vehicles. not everything pictured
3 squads of Iraqi Republican guard
3 squads Iraqi regulars
4 squads of Fedayeen
1 BMP1
2 BMP2
1 BRDM-2
1 AML -90
3 Plastic T72

TAG British, Not everything pictured
4 squads of British Infantry
2 Mortar teams
1 GPMG team
2 British Para squads
1 SAS Squad
4 Warrior IFVs
7 Land rovers
1 FV432 Peak Turret
TAG Deltaforce and Humvees. Forces of Valour Blackhawks
Closeup on Delta Force
1 Plastic Challenger

2 Delta Force Squads
2 humvees
1 Stryker
1 plastic  M1A1 Abrams
2 Forces of Valour 1/48th Blackhawks
1 FOrces of Valour 1/48th Apache

All my Desert Terrain(pictured below)

Pinkish Foamcore buildings(4) $15 each
Small Buildings(4) - $15 each
Medium buildings(3) $25 each
Compounds(3) - $40 each
Parking Structure - $100
Palm trees(6, 3 built, 3 unbuilt) $10
Rock formations(2)  - $5 each
Forces of Valour 1/48th Helos
Picture of All terrain set up.

Larger of the 2 Compounds. both have removable roofs
Big Parking Structure - 16"x18"x9", 4 peices
32x Old Glory Romans.  looking for $3 per figure
Random box ofWarmachine  Cryx.   3 Privateer rulebooks. 
I'd sell the whole box for $50 OBO

Lot of old Ronin: Duels and Ronin: war rules and figures.
half a dozen large Ronin mecha, serveral small ones,  serveral sprues of
tanks and aircraft.  lots of extra weapon bits.   $20 for the lot.

 WINGS of War WW2:
Deluxe boxed set(complete rules, all expansions and 4 planes in one box) $30
A6M2 Reisen  $10
F4F Wildcat $10

Zvezda Ring of Rule Undead Romans (each legion box is 20 legionnaires plus 4 archers)

1 Cursed Legion box, unopened  $15
1 Cursed Legion box  assembled and painted(24 figures) $20
3 Cursed Legion Box, loose on sprues $10 each
1 Cursed Cavalry Box, opened partially assembled (8 figures)
1 Cursed Artillery box, assembled ( 1 CarroBalista and 1 Onager with undead crew & mantlets)

If you have any interest in reserving anything for pickup at Coldwars, let me know in before Wednesday night.  You can find me on facebook using the badge on the right isde of teh page,  or email me at


We can arrange pickup some time during the weekend.


  1. I would like take all your modern figures, I will be at Brigade Games both in the dealer hall I will be there thursday afternoon setting up and friday morning come in and ask security to ask for me. John Hodson cell 301-613-0044

  2. Stephen,
    I also sent you a email hope you still have the modern stuff. John