Thursday, March 10, 2011

More Imagination Progress

While I was waiting for more imaginaton figures to arrive, I encountered a reverse bottleneck of sorts. I had very few figures to paint and the commissions had temporarily petered out.  I had been considering making a map of my gaming group Imaginations.  I built the basic Continental outline in Campaign cartographer(about teh only good feature of that terrible program) and then exported it to PNG and applyied textures and everything else in Adobe Photoshop.  After a bit of tweaking, I came up with this:

Also, I've been trying to find suitable cavalry for my Renaissance Polish Haiduks to be able to use them(Winged hussars just seemed to anachronistic for the mid 18th Century).  after a bit more reading on the polish in the early 18th century, I began looking for pictures, and the miniatures of early Uhlans. what's interesting is that the early Polish Uhlans were dressed in a similar fashion to Haiduks. I found that Front rank(early bosniak lancers) and Eureka(Polish Uhlans in the Saxon range) both make some. The Eureka figures end up cheaper after shipping, So I'll probably go with these. 

Polish Uhlans in Saxon Service
Circa 1750s

Polish Haiduk circa 1683

I already have 72 TAG haiduks(48 musketeers and 24 with Bardische axes)  If i get these cavalry, they will fit in nicely style-wise with them. I'm also going to bet some Old Glory Renaissance Polish artillery crews, as they are also dressed in the haiduk style.  this will give my army the uniformity expected in an 18th century style army, but with the cool and unusual style of the Haiduk uniforms.  the nation, as you can see on the map, is called the " Vojewodeztwo na Polhynow" (Palatinate of Polhynov in English).

I also received my Electorate figures earlier this week:

The Full Kurfurst Regiment Incuding the detached grenadiers,
and the first squadron of the Metzger Kuirassier
Close-up of Obrist-Leutnant Erlichmann and the Command party.
Just need to add the static grass and flocking.
I'm still waiting on my order of Tag Turks to arrive.  it should be here tomorrow or next week.


  1. A whole continent, even if 'summarized', allows an exciting diversity of troops.
    I agree that Polish winged Hussars are too clearly 'tagged' 17th C. to fit in a 18th C. setting, while Haiduks are more 'generic' (even Russian Streltzi could fit, as 'traditionalist' Guard or, on the opposite, militia).

    Now, without their 'wings' and with an headswapp giving them a feathered tricorne, Polish hussars could make a flamboyant 18th C. Horse Guard...

  2. Nice work especially the map, need to make myself a map but for something far less nice!

  3. I also have my eye on the Eureka and Bosniak guys for New Byzantium's Sipahois. The one I have been trying to find are marshall de Saxe's Uhlans as I think tey are sufficiently Eastern and the helmets are a big plus.

    FYI I have decided to kit-bash the GW WH High Eldar high helms for my "polish lancer" styled Scholae guard heavies - their helmet lends itself to grenadier mitre-isation

  4. Was meaning to say, the Perry plastic Zouaves are IMO the Universal Soldier of our region :-)

  5. "Perry plastic Zouaves are IMO the Universal Soldier of our region"
    To make them look really 18th C.-compatible I'm afraid you have to give them a greenstuff turban around their chechia.
    Zouaves without turban -even if only in 'campaign' dress- are an invention of the 2nd half of the 19th C....
    Now, what about giving them a Vivandiere?

  6. I don't know about that for Rumelia/Balkans as the various smaller hats are quite common there already

    The other "must have" is Old Glory's Nizam-i-Cedit infantry IMO

  7. Freecloud does have a point. one of the things i have coming in my TAG Turk order is a unit of Tufekci(tufenki, etc) skirmishers(balkan ones). they were a unit formed in the early 17th century, and they were also wearing short fez-style headgear(Anatolian Tufekcis had a turban or a funny pointed hat, like the OG ones). but regardless, 3 of the heads on a Perry sprue have turban-like wraps.

    anyway, I'm not going to go with any Zouaves for my Turks. I already have the Tufekcis

    The Nizam-I-Cedit infantry look like an evolution of the Balkan Tufekcis