Wednesday, March 23, 2011

TAG Tufekcis infantry

Yesterday i finished off the last of the complete units I have for the Turkish: 2 untis of Tufekcis Infantry.  I still have 5 Sipahis and 6 more Tufekcis to paint, but they will wait until I can afford to fill them up to 8 figures each.

The Assault Group Tufekcis Infantry.

detailed information on these guys is hard to find.  Pictures are even harder.  the only picture I have found was in a copy of Osprey Men-at-arms 140 - Armies of the Ottoman Turks 1300-1776. also in the book it has a short paragraph saying that they appeared in Rumelia around the middle of the 1500s, and became a common troop type in the late 17th and early 18th centuries.  they were well trained and disciplined marksmen, and that some of them may have been mounted infantry.

Closeup of Officers Sinan Ralca and Erkan Basoglu

What is interesting is how very much different they are from most Turkish units. their uniforms are  remarkably uncolourful, and have short-cut coats.  they also look like they are wearing putees.  they could easily fit in with most Colonial period armies.  I deviated from the picture in osprey on 2 details. I changed the Brown waist sash to the same colour as the electorate coat(mustard yellow)  and i also added a yellow feather on the 2 officers headgear.

As usual,these TAG figures are beautiful. All my Turkish and Polish are TAG figures, and they are second to none in quality. 


  1. Fierce-looking ones indeed!
    "I changed the Brown waist sash to the same colour as the electorate coat": on what side will they fight?

  2. they are Turkish. I just mentioned the electorate because of the colour similarity.

    The Electorate will eventually get pandurs, that will be aprt of the next order.