Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's Alive....... almost!

After a nearly 8 month hiatus due to school and lack of gaming group, I've returned!(at least for the summer).  I still have a week and a half left in exams, but  after that I plan to get back to gaming with a vengeance!

back at the beginning of last October I began doing test schemes on my Napoleonic plastics for a Peninsular War skirmish project.   I never got around to photographing them. Recently my friend Jon has expressed an inters in getting back to his gaming roots, which was Napoleonics.  so i decided nest time i photograph something to grab a few pics of them.:
Peninsular British line infantry
Victrix miniatures

Dismounted Dragoons of the 27th regiment.

on to more recent things.  the Easter weekend gave me a much needed breather from school. i too good Friday to get back to painting.  I've had an AGNM soviet T28 kicking around since last august. this is the one Vince at AGNM graciously donated to me after my original T-28 was pilfered from my gaming club. i finally painted it. it looks better then the original, and I took the liberty to test out some waethering powders on it as well.
AGNM Soviet T-28

And then i pained a couple of JTFM tanks i picked up at HOTLEAD. the Neubaufehrzeug 4 is also a replacement of a pilfered tank.  I decided to go with a 2-tone grey and brown camo scheme I found on the interwebs.  it's a nice departure from the endless grey of early war Germans.

JTFM German Neubaufehrzeug 4

 JTFM french 'Char léger modèle 1935 R modifié 1939'

the other is one of Jeff's new tanks, the  Char léger modèle 1935 R modifié 1939 (or more commonly known as R-40). this is a neat little kit, and it comes with a trench rail, which is really cool! I may need to ask him if i can get a trio by themselves to put on my H39s. Both of these tanks have bases attached so they fit in with the rest of my collection.

 Hopefully I'll be a little more active over the summer.


  1. Excellent work! Really like the napoleonics.

  2. Those Napoleonics are excellent. I'm thinking of doing some Peninsula skirmishes too and have just started assembling some plastic French.

  3. Thanks guys. I have a ton of napoleonics to paint once I'm done exams. 68 french infantry, 13 cavalry, 54 british , 2 british guns& limber/ammo cart teams, 2 french guns &limber/caisson teams. I also still have my Baden hussars and cannon teams to do too.

    and when the Perrys bring out their plastic Napoleonic Russians, I'm going to be doomed....