Thursday, August 16, 2012

French Brigade and Russian Beginnings

It's been about 3 weeks since i last posted.  Ive taken up reenacting(war of 1812) this summer, with  the 21st US infantry, Treats Company.  my location is well suited to 1812, since I live right in the middle of  "1812 country".  I joined a US unit, because there aren't enough reenacters of US units  in Canada, and I have friends in the unit.

Anyway, I've had 2 weekends in a row with reenactments that soaked up a lot of my time(this last weekend being teh Seige of  Old Fort Erie, and all-weekend affair).  and  in between them i did a rush job on a trio of 40K  Baneblades for a friend.  I also got another squadron of Metzger Cuirassier mostly done along with a few more curiassier command for my imagination army.

Also I finished the french brigade. Actually I finished painting it about 2 weeks ago, I just hadn't grassed the arty and 2 infantry units until this morning.

Full Perry French Brigade

Close up on Artillery battery and Brigade commander

These are a commission for a friend.  i was paid for this(and another unit each of line and skirmish, 24 figures, to come) with 2 Warlord Russian starter armies.  unfortunately I'm going to have to wait until i can get command to start painting my Russians.  i was rather horrified to find out i had 192 Russian musketeers with no command!  In the past with other plastic sets, the command were also in plastic(like the ECW battalion starter army) so i just assumed there would be.  i mean, who would want 96 musketeers with NO command?  so I'll have to make a order direct to Perry Bros. for 18(!) command sprues. on the plus side, it does mean once i acquire the perry command,  i wil only have to add my artillery and jagers to finish off the corps.

Speaking of Russians, I did start painting a few and re-testing colours for Russian green.  to do this i painted a perry Russian high command set.   One of the first things i thought of when i heard the Perry's were doing russians was that i would finally get a good command vignette.  and to not dissappoint, the perry's scuplted a scene from  the battle of Borodino, which appears on hte back cover of the F.-G. Hourtoulle book about the same battle.

the characters pictured are as follows from the left: General Wilson(Britsh Observer) General Yermolov, General Barclay de Tolly, General Osterman-Tolstoy, General Kutuzov, General Ouverov, General Kutaissov, and Colonel Toll.

Perry command vignette picturing a scene from Borodino
These figure were spectacularly sculpted.  After having painted some french command which I though were a little rushed in their sculpting, these were an absolute joy to paint. I hope the Perrys sculpt some russian jagers in forage caps skirmishing. I need about 32...

hte next army command stand I'd like to get would be Foundry's Napoleon & staff(at Borodino).  it has Napoleon looking decidedly unhappy, with arms cross and feet up on a drum.

over teh next few weeks I'm probably going to be working mostly on imagination stuff, with perhaps a little tangent on some peninsular war British.


  1. "The Russian Napoleonic Army Deal contains:

    5 Early or Late War Russian Infantry Boxes
    2 Pavlovsk Grenadiers boxes
    1 Command set
    1 Casualties pack
    Total Cost if bought individually £146. Our Deal Price £130."

    As each infantry box contains some two metal standard bearers, a drummer and an officer haven't you been short changed? While I quite like the stolid look of the Warlord Russian rank & file I was less than impressed by the metal castings straight out of the box - the Perry plastic Russian command are simply in a different league.

    Beautiful paint jobs on the French Perry infantry.

  2. Little Armies,

    I agree about the Warlord command. one of the standard bearers is particularly atrocious. seeing the command, in some ways I'm almost glad. I also have a more local store that has a pack of foundry Pavlov command, so i should be able to replace at least part of that.

    also, on the Russian starter army box it lists:

    96 Russian Musketeers
    32 Pavlov Grenadiers with command
    1 Mounted officer

    so it is very specifically correct, however, in the past, as with the battalia starter army, which lists" 80 p&S infantry, 24 Cavalry, 12 Firelock musketeers" the command in the case of the cavalry and infantry was included.

    Any additional infantry(specifically my 4 Jager regiments) are going to be perry. that's because i like my jagers in forage caps to differentiate them more readily.

  3. That French Brigade is utterly gorgeous!