Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ottoman reinforcements

After bolstering the ranks of the electorate army last week, i decided that i needed to do hte same for the Turks. I've had most of these miniatures kicking around for a year, I just didn't have any motivation to paint them.

Sunday night I painted the last 8 tufecis skirmishers, and another officer. These figures are of course The Assault Group miniatures. I highly recommend them for anyone doing Ottoman Turks. the price seems a little high , but the quality is second to none, and shipping is free.
The freshly painted Tufecis Skirmishers(TAG minis)
all 3 groups of tufecis with 3 officers in the lead.

Next up i decided to finish off the 3rd  group of Timarli Sipahis. these would be the feudal Sipahis. once again, these are The Assault Group miniatures.

8 new Sipahis.

all 24 Sipahis in 3 ranks, with command in the lead

I decided that I am going to field them in 3 ranks of 8 (each rank a group)  because lets the Lancers make up the entire front rank, while the other 2 ranks are  swordsmen. another interesting thing is that the musician is actually an extra TAG polish trumpeter.

I have eventual plans to expand the Turks with a unit of 24 light cavalry(haven't decided between Delhis or  Akinjis), 2 unit of 24 Levent infantry and, after all that,  unit of 12 Sipahis of the porte.


  1. Nicely painted troops. I have long wanted to do Napoleonic Era Ottomans in 15mm but have never gotten around to the project. I have a whopping 5 figures that I received as samples on my painting table at the moment.

  2. Looking very nice! That's a great army, and your painting syle is excellent!

  3. Cracking looking units!! Top brushwork!

  4. really like the cavalry unit, it's very dynamic due to use of bright colours!

  5. Steve,
    As per usual, these figures of yours would grace any table!
    - Mark D.