Wednesday, June 17, 2015

April Napoleonic Game: Better Late then Never!

The last year has been a very busy time for me.

Starting in November busy meant starting renovations.  We are selling our house and moving out west.  I've done msot of teh major renovations my self.  I refinished 2 bathrooms,  refinished the 3 season portch, put a new backs plash and counter top in the kitchen,  and sanded/filled several of the old plaster walls that were not well finished.  we also repainted every room in the house.  I also did a bunch of electrical work.

since last may I've not played many games.   between may and november there were almost none,  and between November and March there might have been 6 games.

anyway, while I was going through my camera SD card, i noticed about 3 or 4 sets of pictures. Over the next few days I'll be sorting tehm and posting pics.  There probably won't be much AAR as i don't have much memory of a few of these games. 

These pics were taken by Fellow gamer Mike at the end of April at a napoleonic game i put at at Martin's house.  the game was conspicuous because the allies(Austria and Russia) almost didn't get out of their deployment zone before the french made it to them.  but in the end, the allies almost came back to win. Almost.  Their army Morale didn't quite hold, and when it look liked the french army would shatter and run, the allies did instead.  it was a hell of a close and bloody battle though.

and now, the pics

this battle also featured some stellar closing fire by the Austrain and Russian lagers.  in no less tehn 2 cases, a unit was broken by their fire.  in one, a French heavy cavalry charge was leveled by a close range Austrian Jager rifle volley.  the Austrian jagers were definitely teh msot devastating unit in this game, the broke or routed 3 units with fire.