Thursday, June 25, 2015

More Napoleonic Game pics

I mentioned tehre would be more napeolonic game pics, so here tehy are.

These are from 2 games in November/December in which I introduced 28mm Napoleonic wargaming to a couple of Gamers from the local game store.

The first game was played in my basement with Fred, a local proponent of Historical Gaming at Black Knight Games

The game was a bit smaller then normal due to the limited size of my basement table, 4"x8"

the game was a close fight. but the Russians eventually won.  I unfortunately don't remember a great deal more. most of the pics are of the setup, as after that i was caught up in the game. as per usual a forgot to take pics after that.

Initial Deployment

Russian Line

Russian High Command

French Line

French High Command

French Cavalry Brigade

Russian Cavalry Brigade

 the second game was roughly a month later.  We played up at Black Knight Games. there were 6 players once everyone showed up.  By that time Fred had finished a brigade(!!!) of highlanders from Victrix, so I replaced a Russian brigade with them so he could use his new shiny figures.

We used terrain boards from Black Knight and I bought along all the other stuff.  Black Knight has an Excellent selection for a store, but it's  predominantly focused on Sci-fi and fantasy terrain because that is their bread and butter.

 I'm a perfectionist regarding terrain so I just can't have Warhammer Fantasy-style buildings for my napoleonic games. It would seriously drive me nuts.  I don't judge other people based on their on their choice or quality of  miniatures or terrain, , but if I run a game, I want it too look good(to me).  That's just part of MY miniature hobby.

Initial Deployment

Fred's British Highlanders

Highlanders engaging the french left flank

On the right, Russian infantry attempted to outmaneuver the Baden Brigade
the fight in the middle
Initial cavalry engagement on the right flank

Baden Hussars engage remaining Russian Cavalry, Lithuanian Uhlans

The pivotal areas of combat were the middle and left flank. on hte left,  Fred launched his highlanders in wave after wave of attacks at Dan's  French line.  unfortunately the french weathered the attacks and eventually broke most of teh highland brigade.

In the centre  Jon's french line and Legere loosed several devastating close range volleys upon Matt's assaulting Russians. the combat sea-sawed back and forth  but the french managed to get the smallest of advantages.  on the right flank, the Russians were outmaneuvering the Baden infantry. immediately to the right of them the french/allied cavalry looked to have the advantage over Russian cavalry, but eventually the heroic Lithuanian Uhlans won the day.

 It was a good close game and everyone seemed to enjoy it.   The rules (based on field of Battle) are a little unorthodox for  new historical gamers, but  they are relatively easy to learn and flow nicely.


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