Saturday, October 10, 2020

Pandemic Projects 3: Rebasing and Touching up Victrix Peninsular British.

 After a discussion last week with a Local Edmontoner about what Napoleonics I had, I decided to look at my peninsular skirmish collection.  The collection is small one I built to put on a scenario at Hotlead about a decade ago.  I have only once pulled out the figures for a game since then. The collection is mostly made up of Victrix figures, with the addition of Front rank french artillery and Perry cavalry for both sides.

I was looking to bolster my french a bit, but I cannot really make what i have in skirmish work for cohesive units of 16 in a mass battle game without buying a 2nd box. then i looked at my British. due to the peculiarities of how Victrix released the British, I had to buy a box of centre companies and a box of flank companies. this gave me enough extra figures to flesh out 4 battalions of British infantry with enough flank companies left over to make a pair of 8 figure light battalion skirmish units(I have the metal addons that victrix offered up)  plus enough flank company figures to make another brigade if I buy another box of centre companies.

the Whole Brigade, all Victrix Plastics
except the Perry plastic Hussars

3rd Regiment of Foot (the Buffs)

59th regiment of Foot (2nd Nottinghamshire)

I chose the infantry regiments based on what flags I got in the boxes.  I'll probably use regiments with different coloured flags for the 2nd brigade when i get around to buying another centre company box.  Originally they were done as an unknown regiment, so i had to repaint the collars and cuffs on everything i also touched up the belts, and painted the command to go with them.  The exception is the 2nd battalion of the 59th regiment, which i painted 14 new figures.  In total I painted 26 new infantry to make these battalions up to size. they are on 50x50mm bases.teh red was painted with GW contrast Blood angels red over white vellejo spray primer.  It makes it super easy!  I'm not 100% sold on the entire contrast line, but the red is a keeper!  the belts on the buffs are GW Contrast Skeletal Horde. another keeper.

10th Hussars, Perry Miniatures Plastics

The hussars were unmodified.  I do plan on rebasing them eventually, but i have a shortage of both money and more bases, so I'll worry about that later. their existing bases in almost the same footprint in their sabot, so it should be fine for now. they will eventually be mounted on 50x50mm bases instead of individually on 25x50 pill bases, in a sabot.  The way we base them, cavalry units are a bit awkward, as they represent 2 squadrons. so  usually double up on my units to make a regiment. The nice thing about Perry cavalry boxes is although they are only 14 figures, if I order an additional 2-figure command frame, I have enough for 2 units of 8(a full regiment).  at some point down the road I intend to grab a hussar command frame, plus a box of light Dragoons, and a command frame for them too.

Metal Officer and sapper, Plastic Artillery,
all Victrix Miniatures

I had bought a Victrix officer pack, which came with 2 metal officers and a sapper.  these will make my 2 brigade command stands. I also had a box of Victrix plastic artillery.  2 are seen here.  I intend to buy another box of artillery so i can have a 2nd battery for the next brigade, plus an extra battery, maybe of howitzers, or heavier guns.  the limbers that accompany the set are also built, although one of them got badly broken at some point in the base so I had to rebuild it.  I want to put them on 60x60mm, so they will wait until I have the money to get bases.

overall I'm happy with how this turned out.  with the additions of a box of Victrix center companies, a box of Artillery, a box of light Dragoons, and 2 command frames, I'll have 2 brigades of line infantry(128 figures) 2 skirmish light battalions, 3 artillery batteries, and  4 cavalry units. that is a solid British division plus a cavalry brigade in support.

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